SuperMom KatThank you to SuperMom Kat for sharing her baby “driving tips” with the SuperMommy readers!

Super Mom Kat’s tips….

Whether we are cruising our way to the grocery store, the park, the beach, or her grandparents house, my one year old daughter Layla and I are thankfully very zen in the car. Layla babbles, claps, sings, smiles, and dances when we are en route to practically anywhere and everywhere…and when she’s finished doing all that, she sleeps.

Through trial and error, I came up with a system that works for my baby daughter and I without even consciously realizing it. As a new mom, you will find that even when you think you have no clue what works or doesn’t, you and your baby will work out a system of everyday driving and riding in the car survival methods that will keep you both sane and smiling.

Driving Tips for Baby

Here are some tried and tested methods that have worked for us so far…..

1. Mozart anyone?

I have been playing classical music in rotation in the car since my baby was a newborn. Usually by the 3rd or 4th song, my Layla is sweetly snoozing after babbling and grinning away. Studies conflict as to whether classical music makes your child smarter. It would be awesome if it does turn your little one into the next Einstein,  and exposing your child to classical music certainly can’t hurt. All I know is it keeps my child calm and sleepy and Mommy feels like she’s floating in a relaxing meditation while navigating her way through traffic . I have been playing the boxed set of The Mozart Effect: Music for Newborns since Layla was born, and she and I both love listening to the tunes before her nap time and in the car . If all this classical musical exposure does is enhance stimulation, relaxation, and my baby’s appreciation for classical music, I’m perfectly okay with that too.

2. Don’t forget the Liquid Diet…

I pack a shoulder bag cooler of an array of liquids in different BPA free containers: a bottle, sippy cups, and straw bottle containers to keep my baby’s oral fixations soothed. In the bottle, I pack some milk. In the sippy cups, I go for organic apple juice and water. In the straw bottle container, I pack a protein baby shake. If Layla gets bored with one, she’s goes to the next liquid container in the rotation. I keep the bag close enough to me that I can reach back when the car is stopped and hand her the next one.

photo 1

3. Hello Baby Mirror!

My baby likes to make faces in the baby mirror. She talks to me and her reflection, and also blows  herself and Mommy kisses. Best of all, I can keep an eye on her and glance to make sure she is doing okay back there. And who doesn’t love to see their little one smiling back at them?

4. Portable Toys

I have a few sensory and auditory toys that I rotate in the car to keep Layla busy when she is awake. She has a toy cell phone and a toy remote control that talk and teach the alphabet, numbers, and phrases . She also has  some soft colorful alphabet animal cubes that crinkle and jingle. This keeps her busy after she awakens from her car nap if we haven’t arrived at our destination yet. I rotate in other small toys that she can hold every now and then so she doesn’t tire of one particular toy.

Driving Tips for Keeping Baby Calm

5. Pack Snacks

Whether it’s cheesy goldfish, rice cakes, fruit, Cheerios, or a baby protein bar, keep a variety of easily portable snacks on hand. In addition to these type of snacks, I don’t leave home (if I can help it )without packing a squeezable pouch of a vegetable and fruit smoothie, or protein meal such as the ones with chicken, potatoes, and veggies all on one. You never know how long traffic is going to last and the last thing you want is a screaming baby who is hungry when you are far from home and can’t pull over to feed.

6. Use your Car Compartments to Keep Yourself Calm

I utilize my cup holders to the maximum. In one cup holder is my portable cup of coffee. In the other is a thermos of calming or energizing tea depending on my mood and the time of the day. I also pack extra bottles of water and a bottle of fruit and veggie smoothie. And then there’s always a protein bar and or some kind of beef jerky or food pick me up for myself in my middle console. You don’t want to run low on energy or alertness while in the car with a child.

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7. Stay Safe

Most importantly, keep your eyes on the road and drive safely. I hope these tips help prepare you and your baby for smooth sailing while driving to your destinations too.

Hope these tips help you have a safe and “calm” journey.

SuperMom Kat