Even a simple afternoon stroll or a trip to the grocery store with kids, still requires a little bit of planning.  Here are some ways to help you keep your diaper bag organized and ready for almost any outing.


(1) Diapers & Wipes: (obviously)

(2)  Changing Mat: No need to get something fancy.  Buy a cheap shower curtain and cut it into four big squares – presto, you have a “thin” and “light weight” plastic changing mat.

(3)  Plastic Diaper Sack: A.k.a., a plastic bag for your dirty diaper.

(4)  Hand Sanitizer & Hand/Mouth Wipes

(5)  Wash cloths or tissues: For runny noses, wiping off dirt, etc.

(6)  Snacks:  Snacks for both the toddler and baby.  Don’t forget a snack for Mommy (a breastfeeding mom needs to eat too)!

(7)  Drinks:  Straw water bottle for toddler, sippy cup for the baby and a vitamin water for Mommy.

(8)  Big cloth/blanket:  Aden & Anais muslin clothes are my favorite.  These can also be used as a baby swaddle, breastfeeding cover, and as a stroller cover if the baby is sleeping.  Perfect for tropical places like Singapore!

9)  Entertainment:  Toys, books, basically anything that can strap easily to the stroller. If you don’t have toy straps, you can use the colored link chains or ribbon to attach the things.  The last thing you is your child’s favorite toy being thrown into oncoming traffic while you cross the street!


No need to pack your diaper bag full of too many things.  If you drive, your car can also be considered an extension of your diaper bag.

Here is a list of things that SuperMommy keeps in her car:

(1)   Extra diapers, wipes, changing mat, small diaper rash cream & diaper sacks

(2)   Swim diapers and swim clothes

(3)   Extra change of clothes for both kids:  Something small that folds easily.  I keep something really ugly that my kids will never wear on a regular outing (hence, it won’t be missed) – these clothes are just for emergencies.

(4)   Insect repellent

(5)   Mosquito patches

(6)   Sun block

(7)   Dettol Hand Wipes: I keep these right next to the car seat.  With HFMD so prevalent, I like to wipe the kids hands after every outing.

(8)   Rain Ponchos: Any plastic poncho will work.  Just make sure it is easy to fold and store.

(9)   Umbrella & Raincover for the stroller 

(10) First Aid Kit

Let me know if you think of any other must have diaper bag items and I can add it to the list.

Extra “Super” Tip:  Do you drive an SUV?  Need to make a quick diaper change with no changing table in site?  Your car trunk is the perfect place to change your baby or toddler.  Just lay down a mat or cloth and you have an instant changing table.