Special Camp Asia Promo Code: “SM50”

BOOK NOW at www.campasia.asia

(valid till 31 July 2022)

Special Camp Asia Promo Code: “SM50”

BOOK NOW at www.campasia.asia

(valid till 31 July 2022)


What are your school holiday plans this year? If you are looking for some quality programming and fun for your kids and teens, look no further, Camp Asia in Singapore is the place to be.

Every year, since my boys were 5 years old, they have gone to Camp Asia for some summer & winter holiday fun and enrichment. From Multi-Activity, Sports, Tech, Creative, and Enrichment camps – there are a lot of exciting camps for every child to participate in!

Let me fill you in on some details…


What is Camp Asia?

Camp Asia is an established holiday program in Singapore for kids ages 3 to 16. The camp is professionally managed by experienced and trained teachers and subject specialists. They are committed to offering a diverse range of camps that attract all types of children.

The holiday program camp is held at the Stamford American International School and Australian International School campuses during the summer, winter and spring school holidays. Camp Asia camps are inclusive with nutritious lunch and snacks, and also offer a great island-wide bus service to make it convenient for families.

Holiday Camps at Camp Asia

There are many types of holiday camps to choose from at Camp Asia. Kids and teens are able to choose which programs best fit their interests and what activities they want to participate in over their school break.


The Camp Asia “Tech-Savvy” camps are the perfect way for kids to get some quality holiday enrichment and introduce them to STEM / STEAM basics in a fun environment. The tech camps include Creative Coding, Electronic Makerspace, LEGO Robotics and Dynamic Drones.


For the more active kids and teens that want to focus on sports, the Camp Asia “Get Physical” camps are the place to be. Camp Asia offers Parkour, Basketball, Gymnastics, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Soccer and Netball.

Super MMA is brand new for this year! During the camp children will experience a variety of Martial Arts techniques such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (NOGI), and Judo. This camp will allow kids to discover which Martial Art they prefer and what they might want to pursue in the future.


The Camp Asia “Clever Stuff” camps are a great way to develop your child’s confidence, with enriching and engaging topics. This category of camps includes Aviation, Mad World of Science, Mini Mandarin, Intensive English, and Math Mania.


Let your child’s creative juices flow at Camp Asia “Be Creative” camps. The camps to choose from are Super Chef, Drama Academy, Let’s Dance, Passion for Art and Magic. The creative camps are a great way for them to discover what they love to do, and develop new talents and some life skills.

New at Camp Asia for this year is Let’s Dance! At this dance camp, your child will get to get their groove on, with a variety of choreography, street jazz, hip hop, and other popular dance moves. They will also learn the proper execution of movements, the fundamentals of dancing, understand rhythm & music, and get to perform with their fellow campers.


For a “taste” of it all, Camp Asia also offers MULTI-ACTIVITY camps which include a bit of STEM, sports, art, creativity, cooking, and more. The camps to choose from are Multi-Activity, Multi-Adventure, Multi-Stem, and Mad World of Sportz. Perfect for the child that just can’t choose one!

If your child loves all things sports, then the all-new Mad World of Sportz is definitely for them. During this camp they will be able to try out all types of sports from soccer to gymnastics to basketball, all while advocating strategic thinking and physical endurance.


Camp Asia now also offers special programs just for teens! In addition to the normal camps, teens can also attend the ESports Academy, Global Leadership, and Intensive English camps.

Why you should send your kids to Camp Asia

As working parents, what my husband and I love about Camp Asia and why we keep sending our two boys, each year to Camp Asia are for the following reasons:

  • Our kids have a lot of fun and are engaged, instead of sitting around bored at home or on a screen.
  • There are a lot of different camps to choose from, and although my boys have very different interests, they both can still attend the camp together. Moreover, even if your children have a big age gap between them, siblings can still attend together.
  • It’s an established program with quality activities & instructors, where we know our kids are learning new things.
  • It’s a FULL day camp from 9am to 3pm, which really helps to keep the kids active and learning all day.
  • Bus service is offered at key pick-up locations island-wide.
  • Healthy lunch & snacks are included.
  • The kids make lots of new friends from different schools.
  • Best of all, the camp is reasonably priced!

How to Book 

Booking is easy and can be done directly on the Camp Asia website. Make sure to book early, certain camps fill up fast! Check for Camp Asia availability & booking by using this link.

Special Camp Asia Promo Code

If you still need more of a reason to attend, there is a special PROMO CODE for all the SuperMommy readers. Use “SM50” to receive $50 off your Camp Asia registration (valid until 31 July 2022).

My boys have participated in many holiday camps over the years, but every holiday (summer & winter) we still continue to go back to Camp Asia – we will be attending again this year! From one parent to another, if you have any questions about Camp Asia, feel free to ask, and I can fill you in on the details.

Wishing everyone a fabulous school holiday!