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15 Fun Indoor “Hazy” Day Activities For Kids

With the kids stuck indoors all day and the Singapore PSI rising off the charts, I am sure your kids are climbing walls and tearing the house apart by now! In an effort to fight boredom I searched the Internet for some entertaining activities to keep the children busy...

10+ Sun Protection Tips for Toddlers, Kids & Adults

With the suns rays beating down daily, it is important to be sun safe and wise when it comes to heading outdoors with your kids. Now these sun protection tips may seem quite obvious, but as busy moms we might sometimes forget in a rush to get outdoors. Just keep this...

15+ Things to Do for Mom on Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day is almost here! Are you still wondering what to do for your mom? Is it the same thing each year? Whether you are planning for your own mom or as a dedicated husband, here are over 15 ideas (some old and some new), that hopefully will help you show that...

Busy Moms It’s Time to “Smove” – Car Sharing Made Easy!

Do you feel like you are always on the go - taking the kids (and all of their million things) from one activity to the other and then in your free time, running errands all around town? Do you run out of spare arms, carrying the stroller, diaper bag and crying baby...

How to Plan an Epic “Fortnite” Birthday Party!

Not sure what the hype is about Fortnite & not totally convinced that my boys should be playing the game, but decided to be a “cool” mom (are the kids even saying that word anymore) and let Zayden have a Fortnite themed 10th birthday party!! Fortnite is a very popular...

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