In our family, a car is not just what takes you from place to place but an actual extension of our home. Aside from affordability, space, flexibility, comfort and ease are the most important features for us when choosing one.

Over the holidays we got the chance to review the 7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander SUV. This gave us the chance to put its family-friendly features to test. Let me tell you all about it.

7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander comes with Flexible and Adaptable Seating

Sometimes you need more seats and other times you just need more space! The Outlander’s seats are adaptable and flexible to fit all kinds of families and all their requirements. The seats can be configured in multiple different ways, from seven to two seats—different variations to suit every need.

For our family’s day-to-day use, the four-seat configuration worked the best. It allowed us to easily put all of our necessities in the trunk, while still allowing our boys to comfortably enjoy the back seat with the middle armrest down.

Though we did not use the extra seats during our test drive, we did like the fact that there was an extra row of seats for those times when we might have guests in town, or if the kids wanted to tag their friends along. And because these seats can be folded, that leaves for an extra room of storage at the back of the 7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander.

An SUV with Comfortable & Spacious Interior

The Outlander has a very spacious and roomy interior, with comfy leather seats. All of us—from the front seats to all the way in the back—were able to comfortably sit in the various configurations. Getting in-and-out of the back seats was a breeze for the boys so there’s no hassle of being seated there. The seats on the third row also come with over-the-shoulder-seatbelts keeping passengers safe throughout the ride.

Both the front and rear of the car come equipped with air conditioner vents and cup holders, automatic windows and neatly tucked away seat-belts. No complaints from any of us on the space or comfort.

As the driver, I definitely felt like I was in control when driving around town! The driver’s seat is elevated, which allowed me to have a better view of the road when driving. I also liked the leather-wrapped steering wheel which featured audio, cruise and Bluetooth controls.

Super Spacious Trunk

If you are a family always on-the-go, then you probably have a lot of stuff to bring along for driving trips—as we do. Based on the configuration you choose, you can fit almost anything—shopping bags, suitcases, strollers, smaller bikes, scooters, camping gear, small furniture, and lots more.

Since the middle and back row can be folded down to create a large open trunk space, there will be no need to hire an extra service to move your bulky items from place to place.

In the trunk, there is also a hidden compartment which includes the privacy shield cover, a flat-tire kit and space for your umbrellas. No need to worry about those things cluttering up the car.

Tether Anchor for Child Safety Seats

The 7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander has two tether anchors located behind the second-row seats. Although my boys no longer require a child safety seat, I thought it was important to still put this to test.

Both of our large convertible booster car seats easily fit the middle-row seats, while still leaving ample space on the sides. It took less than a minute setting up each one and attaching the car seats to the tether hook.

Our car seats did not fit in the back row, however, normal-sized booster seats do fit and can be secured into place with the over-the-shoulder seatbelt.

Easy Keyless Operation System

The keyless operation system allows you to lock or unlock all the doors and trunk easily with just the press of the button on the key. This means that you don’t need to manually unlock the doors with your keys: just press a button and the kids can just jump in while you set up for the drive. This is also great for when you are carrying a lot of things or for those rainy days when you want to get everyone quickly in the car. It also has a one-button keyless start. Just don’t forget to turn the engine off after when you get out (Yes, this has happened to me – whoops!).

Hands-Free Apple CarPlay

The Outlander comes installed with Apple CarPlay. All you need to is connect your phone via USB cable and then you can use it to get directions, play music and even make a phone call. Everything from your phone is mirrored onto the LCD screen so need to be using your phone while driving—literally.

This feature made it super easy for me to multi-task, but keep my eyes on the road and hands on the wheel! 


My family really enjoyed test driving the Outlander – the flexibility, spacious interior and its features made going from place to place an easy drive for me, and a comfortable ride for the whole family.

Whether it’s just you or you’re driving the kids and even your extended family around town or on a road trip, the 7-seater Mitsubishi Outlander will meet all your needs. Head down to the Cycle & Carriage Mitsubishi showroom and test drive it for yourself.