You have the perfect Halloween costume and your child has the cutest trick or treat grin, now there is just one problem…where can you take them for Halloween?  Older kids can go trick or treating, but the little ones have no place to go.

Why not try planning a small Halloween party with a few of your friends at someone’s house.  This is similar to planning a play- date, only with a spooky theme and some creative food.  I recommend hosting the party with at least 1 friend.  It makes the planning more fun and keeps the costs down.

This is what you need to do:

Invitations: Decide how many kids you want at the party.  8-10 kids is a good number.  Make sure you say that “costumes are required”.  Also, encourage the moms to dress up.  Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays!

 Food:  You can either have a pot-luck or do the food yourself.  Either way all the food should be Halloween themed. For example: Make some spider cupcakes, pumpkin macaroni and cheese, put gummy worms in the jello or maybe make a green spooky punch with things floating inside. It doesn’t need to be fancy…just something to make the event feel like a Halloween party.

Decor:  No need to go crazy with the decor.  A few simple things to set the theme will suffice.  Examples: A Halloween banner, some cut-outs, a few Spider webs, maybe a jack o lantern.  You don’t want to make the decorations too scary – little kids get frightened easily.

Trick-or-Treating:  Either make or buy some “trick or treat bags”.  Have each mom bring a treat for the kids.  The kids then have to go from mom to mom and collect their treats.  It’s so much fun to have them walk around.  If they are too young, then make them sit in a straight line and the moms go from kid to kid putting a treat in their bag.  Last year we got each kid a little pumpkin basket for their treats. Each kid got to take home the basket filled with treats.  Note: The pumpkin baskets also served as decor for the party, which was an added bonus.

Halloween Craft/Project: For the slightly older kids, 2 years and above.  You might want to include a small Halloween craft project. Making a cut-out bat or decorate a jack-o-lantern.  It can be something simple.  It’s just an activity to make the party more fun.

Lots of Pictures:  Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!!!!  Try to get all the kids to sit together and pose for a Halloween picture.  This is great to show off on Facebook.

Hope you and your lil’ one have Spooktacular Halloween!!