Keep Your Child From Running Amuck!

Do you ever find yourself with an arm full of shopping bags? Or a baby on your hip? You get to your car, now what do you do next? Do you put the bags down? Which child do you strap in the car first? It doesn’t really matter, because before you can even decide what to do, within a split second your over-active child is racing around the parking lot!!

One way to keep your child safe is to teach them to keep at least one hand on the car at all times. Explain to your child how dangerous a parking lot can be!

After a few times of coaching (and maybe some bribing) they will begin understand. Now as soon as we get in and out of the car I shout (like a drill sergeant), “Hand on the car!!” and my 3 year old (wild child) automatically hugs the car. He still tries to jump around, but I just keep saying hand on the car and he automatically touches the car again.

 – Does it work?  Yes most of the time.
 – Will it keep them safe?  Hopefully.  It’s better than not doing anything at all.

Might as well try it for yourself!