Singapore may be a small country in comparison to others, but you will be surprised at the endless family activities this place has to offer, even for the slightly older kids! From leisurely centers such as cooking classes and museums to spirited and exciting sports activities – they have it all!

If you are looking for an activity to do with your tween and teen, look no further here are 15+ fun time guaranteed activities for families with tweens & teens to enjoy!

Covid-19 Update: Many of the Singapore attractions listed below have special operating hours, capacity and requirements due to Covid-19. Some areas within the attractions might be closed. To avoid disappointment, please make sure you check out the links for each of the websites before heading over for a visit – you will need to book in advance at most places. 

(1) Go-Kart Racing 

Ready, Set, Go! Teens and tweens love the feeling of adrenaline rush especially when it comes to outdoor activity and we might just have a perfect sport for you.

The Karting Arena is Singapore’s first electric Go Kart track! The extensive track consists of a total of 9 turns and they provide tickets for all age groups! With extended race types of 6 unique tracks and karting levels, go for a competitive race with your friends and family! Another place you can check out is KF1 Karting Circuit, located in Kranji. With long stretched tracks and multiple karts to choose from – get ready to race your competitors! Just like Karting Arena, they offer kid-sized karts for the youngsters and the karts are easily controllable. What an ideal place to visit with the family and friends!

(2) Splat Paint House

If you are looking for a unique recreation to do with your tween and teen, you might want to consider Singapore’s only Splat Paint House!

Hop down to Splat Paint House to create you ‘mess-terpiece’! You will be given a huge space on the wall as your canvas with painting tools and here’s the fun part – they will hand you tools that you wouldn’t normally associate with painting such as syringes, squirt guns, bottles, balloons etc. From there, you’re all set! Feel free to do whatever you want to satisfy your artistic painting experience!

(3) Horseback Riding

GIDDY UP!! If your kids are a fan of horses and ponies or enjoy riding on the wild – this would be a wonderful activity to try!

Gallop Stables Singapore is made as a horse riding provider thereby making riding affordable and hassle-free. They have over 200 stables of horses and ponies for all age groups. Children aged 3 and above can take a pony ride which will be a great way for kids to experience the thrills of horseback riding in a safe environment. All visitors will be assisted with experienced horseback riders which will make this an unforgettable experience! Bukit Timah Saddle Club has 5 courses to choose from. From beginner, courses to make sure you get the basics right to start riding, moving onto public riding to assessment riding, and leasing! This would be a great place to start learning to ride properly. They also offer kids courses which would be the ideal way for the youngsters to start learning both safely and fun!

The two places mentioned above are the only places to indulge in the horseback riding activity without requiring any professional skills. They are ideal to try out for the fun and exciting experience!

(4) The Fragment Room

Smash that! The Fragment Room is a unique activity and is a perfect way to let the wiggles out and blow off steam by throwing and smashing glasses, plates, vases, electronic appliances and more!

The Fragment Room is a highly recommended place to hammer away your stress! You can freely unleash your rage – this place is designed for that! You’ll be given a basketball bat in a room full of scraps and clutter – desks, boxes, printers to be sacrificed for your de-stressing experience. Don’t be intimidated by the sound of smashing and destroying – this activity is for tweens and teens too! Its a great way to de-compress after final exams! The process will be completely safe as all visitors will be given a safety helmet and gloves. It’s really all about the fun!

*Age Recommendation: 13 years old and above

(5) Virtual Reality

Get your VR glasses and headset on! If you are looking for a fun and unique family time with your teens, you should check out these popular Virtual Reality game rooms in Singapore.

HeadRock VR that is located in Resorts World Sentosa consists of three different zones – Green Zone, Orange Zone, and Blue Zon. Green zone has three distinct rooms – VR Room where you could play interactive games such as zombie slasher, bank sheriff, and shooting warrior. Robin Hood Room allows you to try out archery and keep your eyes on the target to hit the bullseye. Lastly, it will be the zombie busters where you can bust out zombies to survive the apocalypse. The Orange Zone is for adrenaline junkies who also enjoy jungle rafting where you could ride through tide waves while escaping from a T-Rex. Try out the sky scrapper to overcome high altitudes while battling with enemy robots! Hop on the Extreme Train to discover a secret treasure island in the skies, Try if you dare to escape from a haunted house that is located deep in the Amazon forest. Up for a unique, thrill rides? The Blue Zone is the one for you! There are 4 rooms to enjoy – Storm Blizzard, Jump Jump, Beat Saber and Flying Dive.

Hologate Singapore is another Virtual Reality game room with at least 10 VR games that is suitable for beginners and intermediate players. Fight and defend against zombies as a team in a massive tank battle and the last commander standing! SandBox offers an ultimate realistic experience! Grab your family and friends to play in one of four games: Curse of Davy Jones, Deadwood Mansion, Amber Sky 2088 and even Star Trek: Discovery.

(6) Escape Room 

Escape rooms are the places to go for a thrilling and adventurous experience with your tween and teens! Bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you and try to crack the hints and codes to escape!

With the price of $12 per hour, enjoy the game with the advanced technology of VR for a more realistic and rip-roaring experience! Check out Trapped Escape Room if you have a larger group of people, where you’ll be transported into a movie-like escape room like the Purge! In a group of multi-players, get tackling, solving and pumping for 60 minutes through various themed zones such as Mental Ward and Tekong Army Bunk.

(7) Trampoline Park 

Get your “jump on” with your tween & teens! A trampoline not only is a fun activity to try with the family, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle as you get to develop better balance, coordination, and motor skills. These exercises target your back, core, and leg muscles as well!

Bounce Singapore has different areas for various levels of difficulty – from young tots, older teens, adults and they also have a designated space for fitness enthusiasts! Show your jump, fly, somersault moves, or keep the fun going with dodgeball in the arena’s designated play sone – Slam Dunk. You can check out other trampoline parks in Singapore such as AMPED Trampoline Park! They have a bunch of activities to choose from for all age groups! Have a go at wall climbing, basketball dunking or slackness – best time guaranteed!

(8) Segway Riding

Jump on and scoot with your teen or tween around Sentosa on a Segway! The perfect adventure for all ages!

The Segway Eco Adventure is a scenic ride along the beaches of Sentosa. You will get to explore the beautiful sights of the island while effortlessly traveling on the Segway. You can choose either to enjoy a 30mins Segway Eco Adventure that wheels you off from Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach or opt for the Segway Eco AdventurePlus+ 60 mins for double the fun. If you are looking for an introductory riding experience along Siloso Beach, trainers are always on hand to assist you and in a matter of minutes you will master this futuristic mobility device. This is an exciting experience and an effortless way to see Sentosa!

(9) Art Museum & Galleries

Be captivated by Singapore’s futuristic yet cultured art installations! A fun and educational experience for the tweens and teens to learn about history and arts of Singapore and the world.

Singapore Art Museum is one of Singapore’s main attractions where you can indulge in the country’s heritage and culture through contemporary arts! This vibrant space displays a platform for multiple talented artists’ best works. They also have a tour guide for the visitors to further understand the Beauty of contemporary arts. After a memorable tour around the gallery and museums, you can also check out their designated spaces for other activities such as shopping at gift shops and fine dining.

Art Science Museum may just be the place to “binge-team”. Hop down to Future World where you’ll be taking part in various art projects like transferring your personal art on the wall screen of the gallery – or should I say “binge-creating”! They display various exhibitions every other month for all art lovers. From kid-friendly activities to gallery tours for higher art levels, it’ll be ideal to spend a memorable time with the family.

Asian Civilisations Museum, located near Fort Canning Park showcases mesmerizing exhibitions for all gallery lovers. They showcase the masterpieces of the best artists both within Singapore and internationally! Be ready to learn about the heritage and diversity of cultured contemporary arts with your friends and family! w

(10) Bowling

Bowling is an activity that all age groups will enjoy, especially on a rainy day and is great for tweens and teens.

Take a visit to the Orchid Bowl for a bowling session with your family and friends! You are sure to be impressed with the fluorescent lights and sophisticated interior! Orchid Bowl is a great place for all level players – beginners to experts. Make sure to reserve your lane before they book up! K Bowling Club is another bowling place to visit in Singapore located in the Orchard area. In addition to bowling, they have more fun activities to check out such as darts, pool, karaoke and arcades! What a perfect way to bond with your fellow friends!

(11) Beach Activities

Take your family out and have a splashing good time in Sentosa with your teen and tween.

Flo-boarding is one of the popular water sport and Surfcove in Sentosa may be just the place to go to fulfill your onboard experience! They use artificial waves to create realistic wave movements and it is beginner-friendly as they provide a safe environment since the activities are carried out in a secured water pool. Instructors are available for a training session too! The kids will love it! The teens and adults will love it as much too! It’s the perfect activity for water sports lovers and even better because we know it’s safe and Hawaiian waves guaranteed! 😎🌊

HydroDash that is also located in Sentosa Beach, is a giant floating water tube made like an obstacle compound. This is great for tweens and teens that like to get wet. Be ready to climb, sprint, jump and tackle each other!

(12) Laser Tag

Photo Credit: TheSmartLocal

Game mode: On. Love thrilling, fast-paced and strategical games? This is a great activity for parents to enjoy with their tween and teen!

You’ll be surprised the moment you step into The Fun Empire with all the neon laser beams and fluorescent lighting! Laser Quest is another go-to laser tag spot! Feel as if you’re on a spaceship with their distinctive futuristic interior setting and start zapping away!  Dux Laser offers an outdoor laser tag experience with whooping 13 different types of guns to choose from. From standard to grenade launchers, you can choose your pick! Do not worry if you’re a beginner – they also offer easy-to-use rifles and at the end of the day, it’s all about the experience!

(13) Holey Moley

Get your putt on with your tween and teen for a round of indoor mini-golfing.

For a fun family experience check out Holey Moley in Clarke Quay for a total of 27 different themed holes and 3 different golf packages you can choose from! Holey Moley also provides various activity games and photo zones. Another place to get that hole-in-one experience is Mini Golf Mania which has “wonders of the world” themed holes featuring glow-in-the-dark balls and magical decorations.

(14) Ice Skating

Ice-skating is great exercise and a nice way to escape the tropical Singapore weather! Perfect for families with teens and tweens.

The Rink is Singapore’s only Olympic-sized ice rink. It’s 1800 sq ft with a total of 460 seats. Get your skates and don’t worry if you’re a beginner – they got 1:1 lessons for you to try. This place is for all ages from 3 years old and above! You can rent cute skating aids and befriend the rink mascots!

You can also check out Kallang Ice World for another fun skating experience with multiple zones for all levels and a vast area for all visitors to skate freely.

Hi Roller Indoor Skating Rink is Singapore’s largest skating rink designed like a retro park! They’re bringing back the 80s with the disco lights and classic pops just like the era when skating was blowing up! They have red and blue zones – both friendly for beginners and experts so no need to worry about falling down or making mistakes! The place is designed for all age groups and levels. Get comfortable and skate with the lights and beats!

(15) Mega Adventure Singapore

Enjoy the beach breeze and zip through Sentosa Island with your tween & teen while feeling like the 21st century of Tarzan. Are you ready for the adventure?

Mega Adventure Singapore consists of active courses to challenge yourself! There are 3  stations to choose from – mega climb, mega jumps and mega zip. The activities are carried out like a game which spark the competitiveness within you! Mega climb consists of crossing a long length through a path connected between rainforest trees – challenge the height and try to make it through till the end on a web of ropes because the station awaits! Following station is the mega jump which is a 15m jump stimulator. You will be equipped with a hook and it is completely safe for tweens and teens. Finally, they have the mega zip consisting of a 15km zip line to simulate flying sensation through the huge park to the endpoint. After each course, you will be given a clue – a puzzle piece which all players as a team will need to collect all the pieces to complete the mission! Once the collection is complete, ring the bell and move onto your next journey! 

(16) Nerf Action Experience

Pump up your energy and bring your “A” game with your tween & teen!

Get your adventure fix at the world’s first Nerf-themed play arena! Nerf Action Experience is a giant indoor playground of 18,000 sq ft and offers diverse adrenaline-pumping activities where you will challenge yourself to the next level of fun! The arena has a total of 4 unique play zones – Challenge, Conquer, Compete, and Create. Great for NERF enthusiasts. 

(17) Cooking Classes

Are you a food lover? Making the food you love yourself gives you an experience just as fun as eating it! Through this activity, you’ll be able to bond with your teen and also learn a new or enhanced cooking skill at the same time.

Try out a session at CulinaryOn located in Raffles for a memorable cooking experience as well as friendly bonding time with the chefs and food lovers! Cooking classes are offered for a variety of cuisines – Asian to Western cuisine, baking to 5-course meals! And of course, they taste amazing!

Another cooking class to check out is ABC Cooking Studio. From cake, bread, wagashi – a traditional Japanese dessert, to all cooking, they have it all! They also have special kid courses so a lot of families come by to create a memorable time as a family!

Genius R Us is a cooking workshop located in City Square Mall specifically for kids! A lot of families with their kids and fellow friends come by to join the fun in making creative little desserts and cake decorations! Genius R Us believes in creative learning and self-discovery through such fun activities and you won’t be disappointed!

Palate Sensations is the place to go for all ages, as they offer beginner to mid-level cooking courses, where you can learn the basics of making cheesecake to sausages as well as chocolate and vegetable series. They have different food themes for their classes which makes it extra meaningful and fun!


Hope you have a super fun family day out with your tween and teen!