MBS Cheese and Chocolate Bar Singapore

I just love the Cheese & Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. I mean what’s not to love – cheese & chocolate – two of my favorite things!  Instead of writing a lot of text in this post, I thought it would be best just to show you the different types of desserts that are included in the buffet – so you can see for yourself. Here is a picture overview of what to expect.

The Atmosphere…

Since the Cheese & Chocolate bar is located at MBS you definitely get to see a good view!

Cheese & Chocolate Bar - Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Other than that, I don’t feel that there is anything too fancy about this place. I personally would have tried to make the decor a bit more trendy/fun. But alas, you are there for the chocolate (which is quite good) and not for the atmosphere.

The Drinks…

There is a wide selection of cocktails, wine, tea & coffee available.

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 7

The Cheese…

When the cheese and chocolate bar first opened it wasn only known as the “chocolate” bar” and although I am a big fan of chocolate it was a little too much for even me. The addition of cheese and crackers/bread was definitely a great idea on their part. With almost 20 different cheeses to choose from, I am sure most cheese lovers will find at least one that they like.  If you didn’t have time to eat dinner – you can easily make yourself a cheese sandwich before you indulge in the desserts.

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 13

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 12

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 1

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 20

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 18

The Chocolate…

Yum, Yum, Yum. I am getting hungry while looking at these pictures. If you are a chocolate lover – then you will really enjoy this place. They have a wide variety of chocolate to choose from, including your mainstream candy bars and more customized desserts from the chef.

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 6

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 3

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 8


MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 16

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 2

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 9


MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 11

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 15

The Not-So-Chocolate…

Even if you are not a chocolate lover, there are still quite a few desserts to choose from.

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 19

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 10

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 14

MBS Cheese & Chocolate Bar 21

Just some details…

The LocationThe Cheese and Chocolate Bar is located on Level 55 at Marina Bay Sands Hotel (Tower 2). * Note: This used to be located on the 57 floor, but has newly been renovated and moved to the 55th Floor (the Club Floor).

For Reservations: Telephone Number: (65) 6688-8858 or online.

The Price:

Cheese & Chocolate:
Adults $48++ | Child $24++

Optional Wine Pairing:
Classic: $19++ Per Person
Dessert: $28++ Per Person

Black Ivory Coffee pairing:
$60++ Per Person

*Please note that a surcharge applies on eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays.

Hours: 8pm to midnight

SuperMommy’s Overall Opinion: The Cheese & Chocolate Bar is definitely a good place to check out at least once if you are living in Singapore. It is a fun outing to do on a Mom’s Night Out or if you have out of town guests who want to experience the awesome view. Make sure you don’t eat too much before you go, so you can try all the varieties of cheese and desserts. I do feel it is a bit overpriced, but again if it is a special occasion it is worth it. Also, remember to check for promotions/discounts  before you make your reservation (all of us got a discount because my friend used her Citibank card).

Hope you have a great time!!