Children's Garden at Gardens By the Bay Singapore

We finally got the chance to visit the Far East Organization Children’s Garden at the Gardens by the Bay. The Children’s Garden caters to  kids ages 1 to 12 through a variety of playground and water play features.

The Gardens By The Bay

Here are some of the highlights of each of the areas in the Children’s Garden….

“Water Play”

The Children’s Garden consists of a fairly sizable water play area, so make sure to bring along some swimwear and a towel for your child.  My recommendation is to go to the waterplay area at the end of your visit, rather than right when you enter (like we did). It is a great way for the kids to cool down after all the jumping and climbing.

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

The water features are  linked to sensors that are detected by movement of the kids, which creates a variety of water effects.

Water Play - Children's Garden - Garden's By The Bay

There are ample seats around the waterplay area to sit and watch your kids as they splashed around. This would be a good place to sit down an have a homemade picnic lunch. There were also plenty of bathrooms, lockers and a changing rooms in this area.

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

The “Toddler Playground”

Children's Garden - Garden's By The Bay

The toddler play area is specifically designed for the younger kids ages 1-5. Unlike the waterplay and treehouse area, the toddler play area is not that big and after a short 10 minutes (maybe less) my kids got a bit bored. This area is probably better suited for really young kids.

Toddler Area - Children's Garden

The “Adventure Trail”

The adventure trail is meant for kids ages 6-12. But both boys seemed to love it here and were able to participate in all the “adventures” even though they fell below the age requirement.  They both especially enjoyed the variety of slides and went on them at least 20 times while I waited to catch them at the bottom.  This was a great place to burn off all that excess energy.

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay


Slides at The Children's Garden

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

The “Rainforest Tree Houses”

The rainforest tree house play area consists of many tree houses connected by bridges. It is good  area for the older kids to climb and have a bit of fun.  However, be careful with the younger kids – my 2 year old insisted on climbing up into the tree house a with his big brother (but big brother soon ran away). Since I was carrying a backpack of things it was impossible for me to climb up as well. I was really scared that he would get hurt or lost on his own.



Places to EatInside the Children’s Garden you can dine at the “Children’s Garden Cafe”.  The Cafe offers a variety of Western and Asian food and snacks. We brought our own snacks from home, so we didn’t actually dine at the restuaurant, hopefully we can check it out the next time we visit.

Useful Information: The Children’s Garden is FREE to go to and open Tuesdays- Sunday from 9am to 9pm. It is closed on Mondays. The Children’s Garden is part of The Gardens by the Bay and is  located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953. Note: Scooters, bikes, roller skates, and skateboards are not allowed inside.

SuperMommy’s Opinion: Overall my kids really had a blast at the Far East Organization Children’s Garden. It was a fun little morning outing and best of all it was free. If you haven’t already been it is totally worth checking out with the kids. Although we will definitely be going again to Far East’s Children Garden, we won’t frequent it regularly like we do Jacob Ballas at the Botanic Gardens. Since my kids are still young, Jacob Ballas still is better suited for their age and more convenient since they have their own parking lot. I am not sure how crowded the Children’s Garden is on weekdays, but we went on a public holiday, so naturally the place was packed (event at 9:10am when we arrived). The children’s area is about a 5-10 minute walk from the car park, which was fine when we got there, but by 11:15 when we decided to head home for lunch, I ended up having to carry Xavion to the car (my muscle building work-out for the day).

Children's Garden - Gardens By the Bay

Hope you have an awesome time at the Gardens!