Do you want to add a little more FUN to you next kid’s birthday party? Tired of the same old kiddie games and pinata? Why not organize a party “craft” table or “DIY” food table at your party. It doesn’t cost much and is really easy to set up. 

Here are 20+ Craft/DIY ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Decorate a Picture Frame
  2. Decorate your own Party Hat
  3. Decorate your own Party Mask
  4. Decorate a Tiara/Crown
  5. Decorate a Flower Pot (then add a packet of seeds for them to plant at home)
  6. Make Your Own Fairy/Sorcerer’s Wand
  7. Make Your Own Pirate Sword
  8. Decorate a Piggy Bank
  9. Decorate your own Party T-Shirt
  10. Decorate a Tote Bag
  11. Decorate the Piñata (then hit the pinata at the end)
  12. DIY Ice-Cream station
  13. DIY Pizza making station (for a house party)
  14. Cupcake decorating
  15. Cookie decorating
  16. Make a Beaded Necklace
  17. Make a Friendship Bracelet
  18. Decorate a Magnet
  19. Decorate a Foam Visor (outdoor party)
  20. Decorate a Beach Ball (outdoor party)
  21. Decorate a Beach Bucket (outdoor party)
  22. Decorate a Coffee Mug
  23. Make a Memory Box

Some Helpful Tips For Setting Up A Craft/DIY Activity:

  • Make your craft table look welcoming. Instead of covering the table with newspapers, since it is a party cover it with a party table cover or a bright shower curtain. This will also look better in pictures.
  • Pre-cut, organize and categorize all craft items before the party
  • Make sure you have at least a few of each thing. For example, if you are using foam stickers – have a variety of stickers for both boys and girls. If you are using fabric markers have at least 2-3 of each color.
  • Have at least 1 adult at the table to help the kids
  • Try to avoid really messy crafts
  • Try to use quick drying paints and glue (if necessary for the craft). Remember the finished product should be dry before the party ends.

Goodie Bag Idea: Unless you are using the DIY craft at the party (party hats, party masks, piñata, etc) once the craft is done don’t just give it to the party guest. Place the item in a party bag or clear cellophane and tie a ribbon on top. Include a personalized party themed tag or sticker on the bag. This craft now becomes an extension of your goodie bag which you can pass out at the end of the party.  If you have a food related craft like cupcake decorating or cookie decorating you can still pack up these items as an after party treat.

A Money Saving Tip: Instead of buying your main craft item at your local craft or party store, trying buying it at the dollar store (in Singapore go to Daiso). You should be able to get tons of items for the kids to decorate without having to spend a small fortune.  You can also try using recycled materials to make your craft.

A Planning Tip For My Singapore Readers: At my son’s recent 4th Birthday party I had Party Blasters organize a DIY picture frame for each of the kids with a printed out family picture inside. The kids loved decorating the frames and the parents loved taking home a family picture. Party Blasters handled everything for me – sourcing the items, the set-up, taking & printing of the pictures, execution of the craft and the cleanup. It was stress free for me and awesome for the kids!! I highly recommend outsourcing especially if you have a big party and aren’t able to oversee the craft yourself.

If you have any other DIY craft ideas to add or need any ideas for executing the crafts from the list, just leave me a comment below.

Happy Party Planning!