Now some of us (including myself) are not expert bakers, yet we still want to be able to show off some of our cooking talents. This easy Confetti Cookie Sandwiches recipe only requires two basic skills, shopping for the ingredients and assembly.

Aside from being a super fun and awesome tasting treat, this is a great no-bake recipe to do with your young kids, as well as a good DIY party activity. They also work are good as a class or birthday party treat (just in case you want to impress the other moms with amazing baking assembling abilities). 😉


If you actually do have some time to spare in your mom schedule, homemade cookies and icing would actually taste even better (and be healthier), but just in case you don’t check out my easy step-by-step on how to make these yummy looking treats.


  • Cookies (any kind)
  • Icing (any kind)
  • Sprinkles (any color & any type)



Step 1:  Spread a thick layer of icing on the bottom of a cookie.

easy-party-cookie-sandwich-recipe-2Step 2:  Place another cookie on top of the icing (bottoms of the cookie touching the icing).


Step 3:  Lightly push together.


Step 4: Hold the cookie and gently roll the sides in sprinkles. You can also take a spoon and drop the sprinkles on the icing (do whatever method you feel more comfortable with).


Step 5:  Repeat steps 1 – 4 until you are finished making all the cookies.


Step 6: Viola you are finished! Don’t your cookie treats look amazing? Great job – now go and show off your yummy almost homemade treats to your friends.


Happy baking & eating!