Kids Birthday Party Venue Cool de Sac Singapore Cops & Robbers

Each year I try to find the newest and coolest birthday party place to host my kids parties. This year for Xavion’s 4th Birthday he wanted to have a ‘cops & robbers’ themed party. Thus I had to find the perfect location for such an event…

The Party Venue – ‘Cool de Sac’ at Suntec City

After a bit of searching, I found Cool de Sac at Suntec City in Singapore. For those of you that haven’t been, Cool de Sac is an indoor playground catering to kids from 6 months to 12 years old. Cool de Sac is designed to entertain babies, kids and tweens with a variety of creative and entertaining activities. It has a tot playing area for the very little ones, a climbing structure and slide/ball pit for the toddlers & preschoolers. Additionally, it has LEGO, face painting and dress up and educational video games to keep the older kids entertained. Even the moms & dads have a place to hang-out in the cafe and large seating area in the middle!

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Suntec

In addition to all the activities, Cool de Sac also has a fairly large party area (I’ll get into the details later).

Now let’s talk about the party…

The ‘Cops & Robbers’ Theme

Xavion has been obsessed with anything and everything surrounding “policemen” for a very long time now. So naturally when it came to party time we had to choose a theme that he would like. I decided to get creative and go all out with a full cops & robbers theme. Now maybe if we lived in America or the UK this would be easy, but in Singapore it requires a bit of crafty shopping and lots of creativity.

Cops and Robbers Party Invite

The kids were required to come dressed up as…can you guess? A Cop or Robber – of course!!

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Suntec

Even parents had to come in theme! For those that didn’t have the right gear could choose from the police wardrobe table to accessorize and get into uniform.

If they still needed something more, they could get into costume with some masterful face painted disguises by Happier Singapore.


And of course no police officer is ready without a full artillery of “balloon” weapons to help fight crime.

Kids Birthday Party at Cool de Sac Suntec

Police Headquarters (aka the ‘Parent’s Seating Area’)

We converted the Cool de Sac parent’s seating area into the “police headquarters”. In the middle of the room was a full out “CSI” style crime-scene, complete with a body outline, evidence tags and yellow police barricade tape.

Kids Birthday Party at Cool de Sac Suntec

Along the walls we set up various cops & robbers themed D.I.Y. stations for the officers to fingerprint, book and sketch out criminals.

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Suntec

The officer stations were as follows:

  • Fingerprints
  • Mo’ Money Picture Frames
  • Police Prisms
  • Sketch A Wanted Criminal

Prisoners Quarters (aka the ‘Party Room’)

The party area at Cool de Sac is divided into three rooms, the Theatre, City Alley and Club Flash. Each room has its own special vibe and unique features, for example Club Flash has blacklights for a totally club effect and City Alley has a custom projection screen.

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Singapore

Naturally, I couldn’t just decide on one room, so we took over the entire Cool de Sac party space and transformed into a total ‘cops & robbers’ adventure for 4 year olds.

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Suntec Singapore

Now let’s go over the super fun party highlights…

The Police-Line Up

Just for fun, we set up a special “police line-up” photo backdrop, with a table full of props and accessories. The kids and parents loved this!!

kids birthday party Cool de Sac Suntec

Super Note: Setting up a photo station was super easy. The Cool de Sac team helped draw the backdrop using white paper, a ruler and markers. The majority of the props were things we already had at home or purchased from Daiso (the $2 store). The sign boards were also purchased from Daiso and painted using chalkboard paint.

The Jail House

Now no cops & robbers party would be complete without a jail! We had set up a small photo prop where the kids could take their pictures. Additionally Cool de Sac had made a DIY Jail as a background using pipes and duct tape. Very creative!

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Singapore

Officer Training Games

The officer games were conducted by the Cool de Sac party hosts. First they started off the party with some “sergeant drills” to get the officers warmed up and ready for action.

Kids Birthday Party at Cool de Sac Suntec
Next it was time to catch the robbers in action and “FREEZE” dance! All the officers were required to report to the Cool de Sac Club Flash room where the music was blaring and the lights were flickering. One word can describe this room – ‘awesome’. The room has a full city scene (no decor needed), and when the lights turn off the entire city glows under the “black lights”. The perfect room to hold a freeze dance party.

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Singapore

Prisoners Canteen

Party food is not included in the Cool de Sac party package, however we were able to order food from the attached restaurant next door. The menu had a wide range of kids and adult favorites. Including, pasta, pizza, fries, nuggets, fried rice and spring rolls. In addition to the catered party food we were able to also bring some of our own “finger foods” and snack items, which all the prisoners and officers just gobbled right up.

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac

Super Note: Many parents actually came up to me during the party and complimented me on the food selection. Both for the wide assortment and also for the overall taste.

Jail Break Piñata

Now of course no cops & robbers party would be complete without an ‘old fashioned’ jail break!

The prisoners were all behind bars, however the stolen loot, money and evidence were not where to be found! It was up to the kids to find the loot and break the prisoners out of the “jail house” piñata.


When the jail finally broke open, mini bags of evidence & cash came flying out! If only you could have been there to see the look of excitement on little officers faces!

kids birthday party at cool de sac

Super Note: Want to make your own “jail house” piñata for your Cops & Robbers party? Click here for the easy piñata step-by-step guide.

Donut (aka Cake) Time!

Now we all have heard about police officers loving their donuts. 🙂 Well we didn’t serve donuts at the party, but there was plenty of cake and cupcakes to go around!

Kids Birthday Party Cool de Sac Singapore

Now what officer can resist red & blue police siren cake or men in black & blue cupcakes. Naturally the cops & robbers just couldn’t get enough.

‘Off-Duty’ / Officer Clocking Out Time

Alas, after a long, hard day of catching robbers, rigorous police training and eating donuts, it was finally time for the police officers to go off-duty. The bad guys were all behind bars and the party was a huge success. Overall the kids and parents all had a fabulous time!

kids birthday party Cool de Sac Singapore

Special thanks to the Cool de Sac staff & party hosts

The Cool de Sac party hosts were great!! Pre-party they helped make backdrops, jail houses, police cars and other D.I.Y. items. On the day of the party they had multiple staff members on hand to help decorate and set-up to really make the whole cops & robbers theme come alive. During the party, they went the extra mile and added a special “cops & robbers” twist to each of the party games. Honestly their team was creative, easy to work with and genuinely helpful all around!

More super party planning tips and activities to come in the next few weeks. So until then…good luck & happy party planning!