After a fun morning of checking out the new kiddy places at the Grandstand (the former Turf City), we ended up at the Treehouse Cafe for lunch. The Treehouse Cafe recently opened a few months back and was designed with the intention to “encourage family bonding in a laid-back, dining environment”.

Cuisine: European & Asian

Atmosphere: The Treehouse Cafe is a casual dining restaurant that caters to families, as such the atmosphere is really relaxed. The main focus of the restaurant is the the children’s play-area (i.e. the treehouse) and is located in the center of the restaurant.

If you have young kids, I would recommend getting a table next to the treehouse, that way your kids can play and you can watch them from your table while you eat.

Food: The Treehouse Cafe serves a variety of food options, ranging from breakfast to dinner to desserts. It includes pizza, pasta, tapas, salads and sandwiches. It also includes some main course options that range from European to Asian cuisines.

The food is basic, nothing too fancy, but it is great for people with kids that just want to have a sit down meal without the extra fuss.

Child Friendly: The Treehouse Cafe is very child friendly. They have a two sections dedicated as a play-area for the kids, which includes a variety of toys and activities for entertainment. They also have a few television sets strategically located around the restaurant playing cartoons. On Sundays they offer a few “special” activities for the kids, including arts & crafts, face painting and balloon sculpting (you will need to check their website for the exact details).

There are also plenty of high chairs available and the kid’s food is served in plastic plates and cups. The children’s menu offers a good variety of food which should satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Additionally, they have a special baby nursing/diaper changing room in the restaurant.

Cost: The cost of the food is mid-priced, which is average for this type of restaurant in Singapore. The menu items range from SG$8 (for the smaller dishes) up to SG$28 maximum for a main course.

A child’s meal is SG$15 which includes a drink, main course and a scoop of ice-cream.

Location & Getting There: The Treehouse Cafe is located at 200 Turf Club Road (#01-17), which is the ground floor of  the new Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City), not too far from the Giant supermarket. There is also a lot of free outdoor parking available.

Reservations: Although they do accept walk-ins I would recommend making a reservation on weekends – the last thing you want is to be standing outside with your hungry kids. Here is their contact number: +(65) 6469-0282.

SuperMommy’s Overall Opinion: I thought The Treehouse Cafe was a fun place to dine with kids! I liked the fact the play-area was open and I could see Zayden playing while we ate.

Normally I am very anti-television, but while we were eating the kids were entertained by watching the cartoons which actually gave me a chance to chat with the other moms and leisurely eat my lunch. As for the food, there is nothing really unique about the menu or the taste of the food, but it does include a variety of food options which allows for everyone in the family to find at least one dish that they like.

Would SuperMommy Dine At The Treehouse Cafe Again?:  Unless I had a specific reason to head over to that part of town, I would not make a special trip to the Grandstand just to eat at The Treehouse Cafe. That being said, if I was at the Grandstand and my kids were hungry – The Treehouse Cafe would be my FIRST choice for a meal. The place is extremely child friendly, has great food options for kids and lots of free entertainment to keep the kids busy.

Zayden & I were invited to dine at Treehouse Cafe for lunch after a kid’s day out at the Grandstand, however the opinions provided in this post are 100% my own.