Easy Kids Recipe Idea Bacon Cheese Quesadillas
Quesadillas are one of the easiest foods to make and can be very healthy depending on the ingredients you use. Although quesadillas are Mexican in origin, a quesadilla can be stuffed with just about anything these days and can be served at any meal, from breakfast to dessert.When stuffed with meat and vegetables it becomes a quick and easy kid friendly family meal.

You can get as creative as you like with your quesadilla – there is no fixed formula of ingredients, just the one basic ingredient – the tortilla, and if it is not for dessert, then you can also add cheese. The rest of the ingredients are left up to your imagination. The best part about quesadilla is that even if you have picky eaters, you can make a different variety to suit everyone in your family without too much extra prep work!

Bacon & Spinach Quesadillas
Recipe type: Appetizer / Light Meal
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Tortillas
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Spinach
  • Bacon
  • Red chili powder (optional)
  • Butter or Oil
  1. Cut bacon into small pieces and then cook.Then set the bacon aside.
  2. Grease a frying pan with butter or olive oil.
  3. Turn the stove on to low heat.
  4. Lay the tortilla flat on the frying pan.
  5. Add a layer of cheese to half of the tortilla.
  6. Place the spinach and cooked bacon on top to the cheese.
  7. Sprinkle the red chili powder (optional to make spicy)
  8. Add another layer of cheese over the toppings
  9. Fold the other half of the tortilla over the toppings.
  10. Pat the tortilla down lightly with your spatula to close the quesadilla.
  11. Lightly coat the outside of the tortilla butter/oil
  12. Flip the quesadilla and cook the other side
  13. Lightly coat the outside of the flipped side with butter/oil
  14. Once the cheese has melted, increase the flame to crisp the outside.
  15. Keep flipping and patting the quesadilla until the outside is evenly browned (approx 2 mins)

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Super Cooking Tips

  • Cook the quesadilla on low fire so that the cheese melts and you don’t burn the bottom.
  • You can buy store bought tortillas or make your own at home. I always use whole wheat tortillas because it is healthier and you can’t really taste the difference
  • Add flaxseeds or other nutritional supplements to the quesadilla, they will be mixed into all the cheese and toppings, that the kids will not even know they are there.
  • Serve your quesadillas with whatever condiments suit your palate. The traditional sides are salsa, sour cream & guacamole.
  • You can half cook your quesadillas in your free time and just before you are ready to eat throw it back on the pan to crisp it up. This way things won’t get so crazy at mealtimes.

Quesadilla Step by Step Pictures…. 

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Happy Cooking & Eating. Hope you enjoy your meal!