iHerb Singapore Pregnancy Breastfeeding Healthy Food Supplement Organic Cheap ShippingMost of us moms are very concerned about healthy eating for our family. Personally I have visited a bunch of organic stores in Singapore for healthy snacks and foods for the kids.

About a year ago, my friend introduced me to iHerb! iHerb is an awesome online website that sells a variety of natural, healthy and organic foods. Everyone knows that I love online shopping so naturally I had to try it out. Now after shopping bi-monthly for over the last year on the site, I decided that I just had to write about it. My biggest regret with iHerb is that I didn’t find out sooner! Who knows how much money I would have been able to save.

How iHerb works:

You can either download the iHerb app or shop on your desktop for your products. Choose your currency and start shopping. iHerb ships to most countries worldwide directly from the U.S.A.

My Average Savings:

My average savings are anywhere from $.50 to $5 per item. Let me tell you a few of the items I have been buying and saving on –

Breakfast & Baby Rice Cereal: My kids and I just love Cheerios cereal (super healthy and yummy too). In Singapore Cheerios costs on average SG$9.50-$10.50. It is also not readily available at most grocery stores. At iHerb it is SG$7.43. Approximately an SG$3.00 saving (even without any of the iHerb discounts).

iHerb Online Shopping Singapore Organic Healthy Food

Salad Dressing, Marinades & Spices: There are many available salad dressings, but one of my favorites has always been Annie’s because of the natural ingredients and variety offered. Here in Singapore, I spend anywhere from $8.50 to $10.50 at the organic stores and supermarkets. At iHerb it is only SG$5.30 and they sell many other combinations as well.  I usually end up buying a bunch of different kinds and use them as a side sauce with grilled meats.

iHerb Food Organic Shopping Online Singapore

Lunch Box, Kid’s & Toddler Snacks: I just love the Brother’s individual packed fruit crisps as a healthy snack option for the kids school bag. At the organic store it is approx SG$2.50, at iHerb I pay less than SG$1.35 per bag. Now that is worth it for a quick, grab n’ go snack. I also get most of my kid’s snack items from iHerb, including all the Annies, Gerbers, Earth’s Best, Crunchies, and much more.

iHerb Online Singapore Shopping Site Kids Healthy Snack

Vitamins & Supplements: Recently I have gotten in this new healthy from the inside out kick. So I have been trying to research and buy supplements that will help with my inner nutrition, lose weight and de-stress. Not only can you save tons of money buying from iHerb, you also get to choose from the US brands that are not sold here.

iHerb vitamins supplements singapore

Super Note for Pregnant Moms, Breastfeeding Mommies  or Moms with Toddlers: If you have are pregnant or with a baby / toddler, iHerb is great for stocking up on baby snacks, baby bath products, pregnancy supplements and breastfeeding supplements (including Mother’s Milk Tea). I recently bought a box of Mother’s Milk Tea for SG$11.30 here in Singapore for a friend (and I personally bought at least 50 boxes myself when I was breastfeeding my boys). On iHerb the same thing is only $6.65! That is a savings of at least SG$4.50 without even factoring in any promotions.

Mother's Milk Tea Singapore iHerb

The list of things goes on and on – protein bars, dark chocolate, nutritional supplements, teas, cooking aids, baby products, etc. In addition to the normal things I buy in Singapore, iHerb has a variety of things that are not sold here (or maybe I just haven’t looked). Such as certain type of mixed spices, nuts, snack items, food brands, chips, cookies, medicines, supplements etc.

Just another tip, even when I was in California over the holidays shopping for food, I found that certain items on iHerb were still slightly cheaper than going to my local Whole Foods or the organic section of my grocery store.

Coupons & Promotions:

iHerb also has some great promotions. For example, if you buy over US$40 worth of products you get an additional 5% off. This basically covers the shipping charge. Also, keep an eye out for special 3 day promotions where you might get free shipping or even 10% off.  Totally the time when I stalk up on everything! Recently, they have started giving me 10% off all my purchases (guess they realize what a shop-o-holic I am).

iHerb also will give you $5 off your first purchase. Click on this link to start shopping with the promotion coupon code already applied to your basket, alternatively here is the code CZJ147 to pass to your friends. 🙂

Cheap Worldwide Shipping:

SUPER CHEAP to most countries worldwide (including Singapore)!!  You can get up to 14 pounds worth of stuff delivered by SingPost (with tracking info) for a flat rate of US$4 (SG$5.62). If you exceed the 14pounds (or if your order is over US$200.00) you can use DHL or UPS (but honestly it makes more economical sense just to do two separate shipments).

FYI – this is less than a round trip taxi ride or parking at Tanglin Mall for 2 hours to go to Brown Rice Paradise or the Forum to shop at SuperNature. Shipping is fast. It says 2 weeks, but my products usually arrive in one week. The products usually ship within 1 day.

Super Note: In addition to shipping worldwide, they also accept over 45 different currencies (including SGD).

SuperMommy’s Opinion:

What I personally love about iHerb….

  • It helps me save money
  • Variety of products
  • Shows the nutritional information about each product
  • Lot’s of customer reviews
  • Gives you the expiration date of the product
  • It saves your previous orders, so easy to reorder the same stuff.
  • You can save to a “wish list”
  • Easy to shop on your mobile phone
  • Your credit card info is saved, so don’t need to hunt for your wallet.
  • Tells you the shipping charges & weight upfront so you know if your cart will qualify for US$4.00 shipping.

Now you don’t need to take my word for it. Just check out iHerb for yourself. Seriously a great deal and an awesome website if you like eating healthy food and saving money. Fast delivery and very easy to use. Thank you iHerb for making my life just a bit easier.

Happy Eating, Shopping & Saving!!