We want to nurture aspirations in our kids from a young age, but how are we able to do this? With our busy workdays and the kids’ structured school and activity schedule, when do we have the time to do so?

Most kids in Singapore have multiple enrichment classes lined up (mine included), however it is important to incorporate some form of entertainment into learning. This is why my boys and I often find ourselves at KidZania Singapore on a free afternoon after school.

Most of us would have already been to KidZania Singapore, and if you have not, you definitely need to check it out. Or even if you have, it is never too much to visit again! We all know it is a super fun place for kids, but one thing we might not realise is the true “Edutainment” (education + entertainment) value that KidZania offers.

Let me explain what I mean.

Most kids love candy & popsicles, but do they actually know how they are made? Most of us adults probably don’t know either (LOL). At KidZania Singapore kids are challenged to think outside the box and learn about the “how” and “why” – they get to experience things first hand!

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Kids are challenged with new roles and activities, and much like the real world, each job they decide to pursue requires different skill sets that they need to learn.

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We all know that kids love to role-play. Most times at home our role-play consists of superheroes & princesses, but at KidZania Singapore it’s structured, focused and real.

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KidZania Singapore encourages kids to be anyone they want to be. From an Assistant Petrol Station Manager to a Radio DJ to a Surgeon, no job is too big or too small, and all deserve our respect. The choice on what job to pursue is up to the kids. Using their independent thinking skills, it’s up to the kids to choose what job(s) they want to experience, which will determine how much money (aka kidZos) they will earn or spend.

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We all understand the importance of teamwork and group assignments, but often during the school holidays and after-school, the focus is on “individual” development and enrichment. At KidZania Singapore, kids get the opportunity to work as individuals and as a valued team player where they can learn real life skills of collaboration, sportsmanship and other important values.

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For many of these young eager kids, the jobs they embark on at KidZania Singapore might be the only time they really get to explore the many different facets of each specific role that individuals in our society currently play. Kids can discover the endless possibilities that the world has to offer.

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Now hopefully you can see why my boys and I love KidZania Singapore so much and why you too should make this a regular place to visit. 🙂

Oh and FYI, many of us have enquired (I know I have) and our voices have been heard! I’m super excited to share that KidZania Singapore is going to be offering Annual Passes for kids!! Right now, it is only available for their loyal members – B.KidZanian CitZens at a special introductory price of S$238 (U.P. S$288)! Click here to find out more!

And if Edutainment isn’t enough to convince you to visit, KidZania Singapore is sweetening the deal with some awesome promotions and free in-park activities to kick off 2018:

After School Fun Promotion (2 January to 9 March 2018)

KidZania Singapore is bringing back the After School Fun promo which allows kids to visit the City during school days, from 2pm onwards, at a much lower rate!

S$36 for Kid Ticket (UP. S$58)

S$22 for Adult Ticket (UP. S$35)

S$12 for Toddler and Senior Ticket (UP. S$25)

 *Valid from 2pm onwards, walk-in purchase only. For school days only. Not valid on public holidays or designated school holidays.

CNY Promotion (8 January – 28 February 2018)

From 8 January – 28 February 2018, purchase 1 Adult and 1 Kid bundle tickets at S$80 (U.P. S$93). To purchase online, enter promo code <KZSG80>, or walk in to our ticketing counters to purchase. Receive a pack of KidZania Singapore exclusive hongbaos! Simply show your tickets and redeem at our ticketing counters, while stocks last.

Plus, soak in the festive atmosphere through a host of fun-filled activities, from craft booths to games, only available from 7 – 28 February!


More information can also be found on the KidZania Singapore website.

Hope you have an “enriching” and “fun-filled” 2018! Wishing you and your family all the best for the New Year!


*This blog post also appears in theAsianparent.