Baby spit-up on your shirt, green peas in your unwashed hair, baggy mom jeans….does this sound familiar? I mean who are we trying to impress anyways?  Enough already!!!!  Just because we are Mommies doesn’t mean we have to look like a haggard mess.

Don’t have time to get your nails done each week – don’t worry. SuperMommy is here to help.  Gone are the days of just a plain mani/pedi – the new trend is Gelish nails by Hand & Nail Harmony.

Basically, you get a normal manicure or pedicure.  Then instead of regular nail polish, Gelish polish is applied.

After each coat (base, color, top coat), your hand is placed under a special LED light (it looks like a nail dryer) for about 30 seconds, which causes the Gelish nail polish to set.   No extra drying required – you can just walk out of the salon when you are finished.

Depending on how quick your nail therapist is, Gelish nails take approximately 1-1 ½ hours to complete.  I like to have my nails done in a short French manicure style.  However there are many different colors of nail polish to choose from.

The best part is that Gelish nails form a thin, hard layer on your nails that last for about 3 weeks.  This is perfect for busy Super Mommies like us.  Moreover, they don’t damage your nails like acrylic or regular gel nails.  I have had Gelish nails for about 9 months now and my real nails still look great.

Say goodbye to chipped and peeling nail polish – say hello to a more stylish Mommy.

Extra “Super” Tip: Don’t have the time or money to waste to remove your Gelish nails – you can do it yourself at home.  Just soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover, put it on top of your nail.  Then wrap your nail (with the cotton ball on top) with regular aluminum foil.  Leave it on for approx 15 mins. Most of the gel will just shrivel away and then remove the excess gel with orange wooden stick.  **Note:  Gelish nails are usually removed at the salon with a special solution and cost approximately SG$10-SG$20 to remove.  Make sure you ask if a free “soak off” is included in the price.

BONUS: Extra “Super” Tip:  If you apply cuticle oil to your nails on a regular basis, the gel polish is less likely to lift up.