Are you still trying to get you pre-pregnancy body back?  Do you still have jiggles and rolls in places you don’t wish to share?  Do you juggle a million things each day and don’t have even an hour to (1) drive to the gym, (2) workout, (3) shower and then (4) drive back home again?  Trust me, I totally understand.  If only there was some way to workout at home without spending the big bucks for a personal trainer to make a house call.

Xbox may have the solution for us moms; it’s “Nike + Kinect Training”.  “Nike + Kinect Training” is a fitness program that is designed to help “athletes at all levels reach their potential in the comfort of their own homes”, or in our case busy moms with not a minute to spare!

Here’s how “Nike + Kinect Training” works.  The training program allows you to choose which personal trainer you want to work with.  Once you have your trainer, the fun begins.  You are able to choose what workout plan fits your needs (cardio, strength training, upper body, lower body, aerobics, etc.).

While you are working out, you will be able to watch your exact movements on the screen, be able to assess your physical strength and have the ability to identify the main areas where you need improvement.  Also you get real-time feedback from the trainer on the screen.  Since the Kinect bar responds to how you move, if you are doing an exercise incorrectly, the Nike+ personal trainer will show you how to correct your positioning on the television screen.  Once you are done working out the program will save all of your stats, which will evolve over time as you increase your level of training.

You will also have a fitness assessment every four weeks and the ability to work-out with your friends (and/or people in the Nike+ community) over Xbox LIVE.  You can even take your training further by competing in challenges and using the mobile companion app to keep your workouts on track.

If you actually are able to make the time to go to the gym and/or able to get your own personal trainer, then you should definitely start a workout routine.  You can still use the “Nike + Kinect Training” to supplement your weekly routine. However, if you are like me and have a ton of reasons why you can’t make it to the gym – then maybe you should try “Nike + Kinect Training” at home.

Xbox isn’t just for the kids and your husband anymore.  Move over, now Mommy needs a turn!!