Can you fully trust the water you are using in the kitchen? Turns out, water has quality too. It’s always good to be aware of what you’re putting in your body – especially since we cannot go a day without drinking water!

Sure most of us have faucet purifiers or fancy Britas or other water contraptions, or maybe you just buy store-bought mineral water (expensive and bad for the environment too). Others tend to get a little paranoid and would boil the water before using it for cooking just to make sure it’s 100% safe to drink/consume.  

Water dispensers have become a staple in most kitchens nowadays and are especially a must-have for moms like me who want the best for their family. Don’t you fancy having purified hot and cold water instantly – with zero effort? If you are looking to switch your traditional water dispenser or store-bought water, it’s safe to say that you’re on the right page! 

My family recently got the Cosmo Quantum water dispenser, and it has definitely been a positive change for the whole family. There are so many reasons to get a Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser, let me share my SuperMommy review and tell you why!

 My Favorite Cosmo Quantum Features

6 – Step Purification Process

Cosmo Quantum features an ‘Ultra Precision Filter’. This is a 6-step purification process – they are carefully designed to filter 99.9% of impurities and chemicals which tend to be higher at risk in cities like here in Singapore.

So how does this 6-step purification care process work? Cosmo Quantum has a total of 6 built-in filters: sentiment filter, Cosmo ultra-precision filter, activated carbon filter, UV led sterilization, alkaline filter and antibacterial filter. Each filter has a distinctive and salient role. What does this mean? It means that after the filters are finished working, you have 99.9% pure drinking water.

Super Note: I was told that for my family of 4 I would have to change the filters approximately every 6-8 months, depending on our overall water consumption.

Easy to Use & Maintain

With just a touch of a button, clean & pure, hot or cold water is dispensed instantly. Our whole family is so impressed by the ergonomic touch interface as it is so convenient and simple to use!  It’s super easy to use and requires very minimal maintenance. Cosmo does not come with a water tank, thus making it a perfect product as it reduces cleaning time for consumers.

Super Note: The Cosmo Quantum comes with a two-year warranty in case you have any problems.

Sleek, Compact & Minimalistic

Let me tell you why Cosmo’s sleek and compact design drew my attention – unlike the old-fashioned water dispensers that have been in the market for over a decade, Cosmo’s water dispenser works very well especially if you’re looking for something that takes a minimum amount of counter space!

Super Note: The dispenser will be placed near your sink as it must be connected to a water point. A small hole will be drilled from underneath for the pipe to come out, and in most cases, the pipe will not be seen. The Cosmo technician will do this for you when they do the free installation.

Customized Temperature Setting

As a busy mom, you will understand the struggle of having to constantly boil and wait for the hot water to be ready just for a fresh cup of tea or coffee – every second counts right?  On the same note, just getting a nice glass of cold water on a hot Singapore day also needs to be planned in advance with water bottles in the fridge or lots of ice.

Cosmo’s dual function conveniently allows us to get both hot and cold water instantly – now I can simply eliminate that trouble altogether by a touch of a button! The kids even make their preferred hot and cold drink on their own at any time without my assistance.

There is a specialized quantity control that allows you to get the right amount – 180ml, 250ml and 1000ml. This is a great feature for busy moms that are trying to multi-task and are rushing they may forget to press stop. This is also great for the kids, who tend to overfill and cause a big watery mess.

Super Note: The water heats up in the Cosmo tank and does not need to be attached to a hot water heater.

Alkaline Water Instantly

With Cosmo, you can opt for the alkaline water filter and have alkaline water instantly. When I learned that Cosmo Water Dispenser comes with an alkaline water function, I decided to do my own research on it and wish I had come across this sooner! Scientifically, alkaline water has a higher p-H level than normal water. Some of the benefits include:

      • Improve bone health
      • Detoxifies body
      • Promotes healthy weight and teeth
      • Enhance skin complexion
      • Boosts mood and energy
      • Pumps up exercise efficiency

Alkaline water has been praised by a lot of celebrities due to its numerous benefits for health and it is also known to be one of their secrets to clear skin and timeless beauty! Excited that my family now has alkaline water with just the touch of a button.

SuperMommy’s Overall Opinion

Cosmo Quantum is listed as #1 on the list of Best 5 Water Dispensers in Singapore and I now have first-hand experience on why! We have had the Cosmo Quantum water dispenser for a little over a month now and the whole family loves it, especially me. It is convenient, easy to use and requires very little maintenance. They also have great service and a two year warranty – that’s really important. I take pride in knowing that I am providing my family with a healthier option, don’t you? 

If still aren’t convinced and need more reasons on why you need to drink water, make sure to read my SuperMommy article on “The Secret to Youthful Skin – Water. Do You Drink Enough?“.

Be sure to check out the Cosmo Quantum website for more detailed information and how to purchase. Payment brought to you by Liquid Gateway.

Happy Healthy Living!