Everyone is asking about the new Apple iPhone 5.  The pre-order sold out within a few hours of going online.  So what’s all the hype about?

For starters if you don’t have an Apple iPhone, I highly recommend getting one.  The iPhone is packed full of useful things especially for a busy Mom on the go.  Aside from being an awesome phone, a few features that the Apple iPhone has: (1) Calendar to organize all your play-dates, school holidays, mom’s night out, (2) Easily accessible email (even when you out and about), (3) Camera, which also takes videos. (4) FaceTime, which allows your kids to talk to daddy while he is at the office, (5) Apps for just about everything a mom might need, and most importantly (6) It provides all sorts of entertainment for your screaming child when you need it most!

What are the new features of the iPhone 5?
There are a bunch of new techie features that everyone is raving about like the faster Apple A6 chip, but here are some of the new features that the iPhone 5 has for us moms.

(1)  The iPhone 5 is much slimmer and lighter than the other iPhones (it is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than the iPhone 4s) – it is only 7.6 millimeters.  The older models of the iPhone feel like a brick in comparison to the iPhone 5.  The new, lighter iPhone 5 is definitely a big selling point – Moms already have enough to lug around between the kids, stroller, diaper bag, and everything else.   The last thing we need is a bulky phone.

(2)  The iPhone 5 now has a 4 inch screen and better color saturation.  This not only allows for fifth row of icons, but also makes it easier to surf the web, watch movies and play games.  The size of the old screen didn’t bother me too much, in fact having a bigger screen just means that the phone is bigger, which is not necessarily a pro for moms.

(3) The iPhone 5 runs on the 4G LTE network which means that surfing the web is much faster than the normal 3G network.  This is a big thumbs up for moms.  God knows we barley have time to shower, let alone wait for our browser to load up.

(4)  The iPhone 5 has a new and improved camera has 8 mega-pixels camera with a panorama feature and a low light boost.  Which means the pictures are sharper and clearer than before.  There is also a new panoramic feature on the iPhone 5 that allows you to take much larger photos. This results in many more memories to add to your scrapbook.  This is a double thumbs up!!!   Also, pictures are much easier to send by email, Facebook & Twitter.  A pull down screen appears with the useful icons.  This makes posting a breeze, which will keep the grandparents happy that they are getting regular updates.

(5)  The iPhone 5 has three microphones and a noise-canceling earpiece.  This is very important when your kids are yelling at the top of their lungs the minute your phone rings – again a thumbs up.

Would SuperMommy recommend the iPhone 5?
Yes, SuperMommy would recommend the iPhone 5.  I like the fact that the iPhone 5 is lighter and thinner than the older versions, but still has all the great iPhone features (actually more features).  Also the new faster surfing and better camera are all a big bonus