It’s no hidden secret that “diamonds are a girls best friend” and just because the woman in your life now has a kid, doesn’t mean that diamonds can’t be a “mom’s best friend” as well.  It’s not rocket science that one of the surest ways to make most woman happy beyond measure is to surprise her with a piece of fine jewellery that she will love and cherish for the rest of her life.

I recently met a jewellery expert from “Mahika” who wanted to share a few of her buying tips with those “dads” out there for those special occassions – birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, child births, or just any occassion to put a smile on the face of your loved one. Naturally I just had to let her share her tips on the SuperMommy website – I mean come on we all know that the men in our lives need a little nudge now and again!

Dads, don’t you worry, SuperMommy and jewellery expert Meera Uttamchandani (founder of Mahika) are here to make it easy for you with 7 easy-to-follow tips. A “super” checklist you might say….

About Jewellery Expert Meera Uttamchandani

Meera is the founder of Mahika, a luxury brand offering customised diamond jewellery. Mahika is located in Singapore and Mumbai, but caters to a discerning clientele located worldwide. Meera prides herself on going the extra mile to understand the personalities, tastes and preferences of her customers. She has over nine years of in-depth knowledge about gems and precious stones, with a range of diplomas in jewllery designing, gemstone grading, diamon grading and jewellery manufacturing.

Dads Before You Start Shopping….

Dads before you actually head for the jewellery shop, take a moment and ask yourself –  “What seems to be her favourite piece of jewellery?” Her favourite piece can be quite modest; it is probably the ring/earrings/bracelet that she seems to wear the most, even if she may have many good things in her jewellery box.

If you are not sure how much to spend on this gift of jewellery, you can always use the price of your own cherished “toys” as a starting point and price guide. Perhaps you felt very happy recently when you bought yourself that new Smartphone or golf stick or GPS system or cigarette lighter. The price of that toy can be the price guide that you give to the jeweller.

Now for the Checklist….

1. The first question will be to choose the metal

Is it going to be white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum?

2. Choice of stone: Coloured gems or diamonds

a} If you are going for coloured gems, when deciding on the right colour for her, take a hint from the colours of her clothes, shoes and bags. Is it more pastel or will she be happy to receive a deep red ruby and a cornflower blue sapphire bracelet?

Gemstones are available in every possible colour – purple amethysts, blue topaz’, pink tourmalines, green emeralds and more! Your jeweller should be able to advise you on the range of options available.

b} If diamonds it is, then would it be the colourless, which is the most sought after or would 2014 bring a surprise of a fancy coloured diamond..maybe a pink, yellow or blue?

3. The shape of the stone

Each gemstone has its own personality and most gems are available in the most popular shapes below.

In Diamonds, the round brilliant cut is always the safest and most popular stone followed by the princess cut and the marquise.

4. The size of the rock

Do you foresee her wearing this ring/earring/pendant/bracelet as an everyday piece or would it be occasional? This would generally determine the size of the main stone that would be set in the jewellery. Again, the size of the stone/stones should also be determined keeping your lady’s personality in mind.

5. The setting

A closed or an open setting? This can be determined based on her profession. For a doctor or for someone who works a lot with their hands, a closed setting like a bezel, flush or channel is good and will keep the stone secure. For a fashion consultant or someone in a less of a ‘hands involved’ industry, an open setting like a prong would be very good.

The Prong Setting

The Bezel Setting

The Channel Setting


The Pave Setting

6. The design

For a person with a straightforward personality, for someone who likes order, rules, regulations etc generally geometric designs work very well. Straight lines and a lot of symmetry in the design.

For someone who is artistic and abstract choose something with more curves and unique motifs, unique textures, different colours etc.

7. Here’s the bonus / winner

Engraving your personalized message on the piece of Jewellery does make it extra special. Whether the date is symbolic or the occasion capture it on the piece with this simple, but touching gesture . Examples could simply be the initials of the person with the date, or a message saying happy birthday (name) 2014, etc.


There you go! 7 easy-to-follow tips for a fool-proof jewellery-gifting experience from the Jewellery Expert.

Dads if you are still confused, or need an expert to help feel free to contact Meera – I am sure she will be glad to help.  Moms please feel free to share and pass these tips around. 

Here’s to many shiny, bling-bling presents in the years ahead!!