Today is my Birthday! Happy Birthday to ME!

My husband decided that on my birthday he was going to take charge and let me sleep in for a change. For the last four years I have not slept in even one day. Yes you heard me, not even one day, unless you count the morning I had food poisoning and could not get out of bed. If I am at home (which I always am), I have been there every single morning for Zayden (4) and Xavion (22 months) – for the last 4 years.

In addition to this wonderful morning in bed, I was also going to get breakfast in bed. I decided to let my “control freak” tendencies take the back burner on my Birthday and actually enjoy my morning in bed.

These are my Birthday morning events.

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

6:29 am: Right on schedule Zayden wakes up. Zayden – “Mommy , Mommy – Get daddy I am awake. Mommy Mommyyyyyyyyyyy.”

FYI – the day before he woke up at 5:20 am (lucky me).

6:30 am: Zayden shouting – “Mommyyyyyyy, where is daddy. Mommmmmmyyyyy.”

6:31 am: Hubby leaves my room (with the door wide open), takes Zayden for pee pee. Zayden is back in bed for quiet time.

6:36 am : Hubby back in the room, goes in the bathroom and loudly brushes his teeth (door open, lights on).

6:38 am: Me – “How does it feel to wake up before the butt crack of dawn?”

6:39 am: Hubby leaves my room.

6:45 am: Zayden –  Mommy, mommy I want to come out. Mommmyyyyy tell daddy.”

6:46 am: I send a text message my husband who is somewhere in our small place – “Zayden is calling you” –  God only knows why he can’t hear Zayden screaming at the top of his lungs.

Note:  Zayden usually has quiet time until 7:10 am. He can play and read books in his room – but can’t come out.

6:50 am:  Zayden is up and out of his room. Me – “What???”  I get up out of bed to see what is going on. Hubby – “No its a special day, I will handle him.”  Me – “Ok don’t wake up Xavion, he likes to sleep let him sleep till at least 7:20 – 7:30.”  Hubby – “Ok”.

6:55 am: – Zayden screaming – “XAVION, XAVION” – (Me – “Um guess Xavion is awake now”)

7:07 am:- Xavion walks in the room and jumps on my bed.

7:08 am: Hubby & Zayden walk in the room.

7:09 am: They leave the room. Me (shouting) – “Did Zayden brush his teeth?”

7:10 am: Hubby: “Zayden let’s go brush your teeth.”

Note: The kids usually go straight to the dining table and eat breakfast as soon as they get out of bed.

7:16 am: – Hubby walks in my room. Leaves the door open. Then gets something from the bathroom.

7:16 & 30 seconds: X comes in the room to show off his Legos.

7:17 am: Zayden shouts “Daddy what about breakfast?” Hubby – “Not now we will do it later.” Me – Not my breakfast in bed – the kids need to eat?!?!

7:18 am: Everyone exits my room. Hubby tells Zayden –  “Let me get your breakfast ready.”

7:23 am:  Zayden – “Daddy I am ready to eat breakfast!!!”

7:24 am: Xavion screaming – “NONONO” (guess he’s not ready to eat).

Where the hell are my ear plugs???

7:30 am: Loud banging on the table. I guess playing the drums on the table is ok when Mommy is trying to sleep.

7:35 am: Found the earplugs – now time to go back to bed.

7:40 am: Hubby back in the room – do you want your breakfast now? Me – “NO. I told you 9am.” I put the earplugs back in.

7:43 am: A What’s App Birthday text from my inlaws. (Note: My parents already set me a FB message the day before.  Gotta love the old people using technology – LOL)

7:50 am: Xavion comes in the room – “Mommmyyyy.” Jumps on the bed. Then leaves. Me shouting –  “SHUT THE DOOR”

7:53 am:  Xavion comes back in the room and hurts himself on the door. Xavion now runs to me crying.

7:54 am:  Hubby tries taking Xavion out of the room. Hubby to Me: “I don’t have time for this. I can’t handle him if you are going to baby him.” Me – “Um, ok – I am just lying in bed, I can’t help it if my baby is crying.” Hubby leaves the room. Xavion still in the room. I give Xavion the iPad as a bribe.

7:55 am:  Xavion takes the iPad and runs out of the room. Zayden and Xavion fight for the iPad. Xavion comes back in my room crying.

7:56 am: Me shouting – “Zayden give Xavion the iPad”. Xavion runs out of the room. Leaves the door open again.

7:59 am: Me – “Zayden tell Daddy to bring in my breakfast”

8:01 am: Xavion is back in the room.

8:05 am:  Zayden brings in my breakfast.

This concludes my Birthday morning sleep in. Happy Birthday to me. 🙂