theAsianparent Insights recently announced the result of their Singapore Mum’s Beauty Survey. A sizeable sample of 338 moms were surveyed online and responded to questions regarding their beauty concerns, behaviors and issues were revealed.

theAsianparent Insights - Singapore Mum's Beauty Survey 2014

Let’s take a look at the results – 

 53% of Mums feel pressure to look younger

SuperMommy’s Thoughts: Personally I don’t feel pressure to look younger, I just want to look younger. I mean come on now, no one actually wants to look like an old hag.

 99% of mums have at least 1 area of concern on their body

SuperMommy’s Thoughts: I actually have about a 100 concerns about my body – so I am sure that number is accurate.

The top 3 body concerns are: 67% Stomach, love handles and muffin top, 53% Excess Fat and cellulite, 44%. Butt hips and thighs

SuperMommy’s Thoughts: Now I know someone was reading my mind. Those are definitely my top three concerns as well, however I do have an issue with loose skin as well.

 99% of mums have at least 1 facial area of concern

SuperMommy’s Thoughts: I probably have about 5 main concerns, so again I am sure this number is accurate.

Top 3 facial concerns are 63% Uneven tone, Dark patches, Pigmentation, 51% Wrinkles, and 41% Oily, Dry or Combination Skin

SuperMommy’s ThoughtsUneven tone, dark patches and pigmentation – I was lucky that I didn’t really experience this during pregnancy – but I know that this is a huge issue with a lot of my friend. Wrinkles –  yes this is definitely a concern of mine – I’m not getting any younger and it is starting to show. Oily, dry or combination skin – this doesn’t really bug me anymore, it’s something I have learned to effectively deal with since my teenage years.

 60% of mums spend 10-30 minutes on their daily beauty routine

SuperMommy’s Thoughts: Just to note, the number of time spent is for your every day routine, not counting fixing your hair or getting dressed up for a party. Totally understandable that the majority of moms spend only 10-30 mins on their beauty routine. When you have kids, you have very little time to spend on yourself. Every morning I spend about 10 minutes (15 minutes if I am lucky) at home trying to make myself look presentable for work. This normally involves Zayden and Xavion running around in my room (aka fighting and screaming) or trying to take my makeup and apply it on their own face. About halfway through my routine I usually give up and apply the rest of my makeup in the car or at the office.

 55% of mums have considered a non-invasive procedure

SuperMommy’s Thoughts: I have had a few non-invasive procedures done already. I like to keep up with the trends. If the technology is there to look better – why not use it? Do people still use VCRs? Are you still using your fax machine or a dumb phone? As long as the treatments are safe and tested, it’s worth giving it a try (but make sure you go to a reputable doctor).

59% of mums are willing to spend over $50 on a skincare product

SuperMommy’s Thoughts: Skincare products are much more expensive than normal makeup products, so I can see why this is the case. I definitely spend a lot more than $50 on each of my skincare products.