Every child at “pirate” themed party needs to have some treasure and pirate loot to take home after the festivities are over. Take a look at what “treasures” we gave the guests for Zayden’s 5th birthday this year.

Pirate Loot

Pirates are known for engaging in sword fights to search our and find “gold and jewels”.  Hence why we decided to hide little bags of “pirate loot” inside the piñata. Although no sword was involved the kids were able to defeat the skull pirate pinata and find the hidden treasure inside.

 The loot was in indvidually wrapped little bags and  included chocolate coins, pirate rings, beaded necklaces and some gummy bears. There were enough bags in the pinata for each kid to get one, with few to spare.

In case you are too busy to make your own, please feel free to print out the “loot” tag that I designed.

Pirate Treasure Bags

At the end of the party, all the kids got to take home a skull pirate backpack filled with random pirate must haves!

 The bags included a sword, eye-patch, compass, paddle ball, mini-pirate bendable, coloring book, book-mark, pencil, beach ball and a few other small things.

Pirate Grub

In addtion to the loot and treasure, every little pirate needs to have a little bit of sugary grub. Thus, we handed out cookies shaped in the letter “Z”, in honor of thier Captain Zayden (aka the birthday boy).

Goodie Bag Shopping Tips

  • Once you decide on the theme for your party it is important to start shopping around for your goodie bag items, especially if you are having a large party. Many stores do not carry so much of the same item and you will need to place a special order (which may take weeks to arrive).
  • Set a budget on how much you want to spend per kid on the goodie bag. You can decide if it is more cost efficient to get one big item or a lot of small items to give out. Make sure you also include the cost of the actual “bag” and or wrapping paper in your budget. Be forewarned it is easy to get carried away and even the little things start adding up.
  • Look out for discounts and clearance items that might make good goodie bag gifts. Also try ask for a “bulk” discount if you are purchasing a large quantity of the same item.
  • Decide in advance if you want to have separate goodie bags  for the girls and separate goodie bags for the boys.  This year I decided to keep it simple – even girls could appreciate some pirate fun.
  • Just in case you are wondering where I shopped for my pirate stuff – the pirate sword was purchased from Daiso in Singapore and all the other items were purchased online from Oriental Trading, Century Novelty and Amazon. The Z shaped cookies were made by a good friend of mine – she baked, decorated and wrapped them for me.

 Good Luck and Happy Party Planning!!