I recently went to a 4th Birthday party at Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa (Singapore). We had so much fun that I just had to write about it. This was my first time at Port Of Lost Wonder (POLW) and I was expecting a tiny hole in the wall place, but I was wrong! The place is great!

The first thing we noticed when we walked up was this huge pirate (so of course I had to take a picture). We entered POLW through the special party entrance and were greeted by the Birthday Boy’s Mom and the POLW party staff. We then made our way to the “Celebration Island”, which is massive. The “Celebration Island” is about three times the size of your kid’s gym party room. It is also fully covered and has huge indoor fans set up.

Since the place is still fairly new not many people have thrown parties there. All the parents were impressed with the place and the kids loved it! It was very well organized and a lot of fun. Since the party island is so big, even though there were so many people, you don’t feel suffocated like you do in those tiny gym parties.

POLW is a great place if you have good weather. If it was raining or thundering – I would have probably told you how horrible the party was.  You are taking a gamble with the unpredictable weather gods. We were very lucky that it was a beautiful sunny morning. About 1pm the dark rain clouds were overhead. When we left at 1:45pm it started to rain and then poured for the rest of the afternoon.

This is definitely a party for ages 4 and above (otherwise you will have to require that the adults get in the pool). Since this was a friend from school I knew a lot of the other parents and a bunch of the dads were in the water keeping an eye on the kids. Although I didn’t get in the water, I still stood on the sidelines and watched to make sure my son didn’t get into any trouble.

Even though the party was really fun, one major flaw was that everyone was scattered all over the place. It was hard to gather all the kids together for the games (my son and his friends barely ate because they just wanted to jump in the pool).

A lot of the kids did not want to play the games. We had to drag them out of the water just to cut the cake. We didn’t really get to see the Birthday Boy, which is sad, because it was his special day to spend with his friends.

The Host Mom had purchased the “Celebration Package” which also included an extra hour in the “bubble pool” and was organized as a “pirate theme”.

The food provided in the Celebration Package tasted good and was displayed really well. It was a nice looking spread of food and the Host Mom made sure to order a lot of extra food for the adults.

The Celebration Party Package the for 20 kids is $1300++. Each additional kid is $50. This doesn’t include the adult food, cake or the goodie bags. Also, the party times are not flexible – there are only certain time slots. The normal party package (which doesn’t include a party host or decorations) starts at $799++ for 20 kids and is $30 for each additional kid. Here is the link to their party packages in case you are interested.

Even if you are not planning a birthday party, I totally recommend taking your kids to check out Port of Lost Wonder with a group of friends. There is a nice restaurant and plenty of places to hang out besides Celebration Island. I am sure the kids will have a blast!

SuperMommy’s Party Recommendation: I would definitely keep this at the top of my list for fun party places, especially if you are planning a summer party when weather is not an issue.  But make sure you start planning well in advance – POLW is becoming a very popular party venue and the party slots fill up really fast.  Happy Party Planning!!