My husband and boys were recently featured in The Straits Times (Sunday Lifestyle Section) for dressing alike in an article titled “Dress like father, like son.”  You can click here to read the full article.

Ironically the reporter, contacted me on a totally different subject about and then we started talking about whether or not I dress like my kids. Many people are mixed on whether it is cool or not to dress like your kids. Here are my thoughts on the subject –

Does SuperMommy dress like her kids? Since I have boys it is very hard for all of us to dress alike. We sometimes do family themes where we all dress in the same color or family Halloween costumes (this year we were all super heroes). But as for dressing alike, mommy just can’t participate most of the time. Daddy on the other hand  does often dress like the boys and they all look really  cute.

What is SuperMommy’s reaction when she see’s other people dressing alike?  I think all families should try to dress alike at least a few times while the kids are young. It shows family spirit and is fun! It also helps you bond as a family. Plus it allows you to take some awesome family pictures! Even though I don’t usually dress like my kids, I always at least try to dress my boys alike – they look super cute and it is easy to get them dressed when they are wearing the same thing.

Would SuperMommy dress like her kids if she could? If I had a daughter I would definitely have a few outfits that would match. I would probably want to dress alike until she was old enough to tell me to stop embarrasing her (LOL).

SuperMommy’s Overall Opinion: Definitely a must at least a few times in your life! Don’t worry about people thinking you look cheesy – who cares what they think. As long as you and your kids enjoy it then you should do it.