If you haven’t taken your kids to “The Grandstand” I totally recommend you check it out. The Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City), located at 200 Turf Club Road in Singapore, is now becoming a very popular place for both kids and adults. In fact, the entire 4th floor is full of children’s shops and educational centers. This past month, I have really been exploring The Grandstand for some after school activities for my two boys.

In an effort to help out other moms out there, I decided to compile a list of some of the places, both for fun and enrichment, that cater for kids at The Grandstand. I still haven’t had the chance to visit all the places on this list, but I have included a link to each of the websites to make it easier for to get all the details of the programs that are offered.

(1)  Just for Fun

♦ Kiddy Fun
Kiddy fun is an indoor kid’s playground for children ages 0-8 years old. The place is fully padded and has small rides for kids. Kiddy Fun also hosts birthday parties.  (#04-04/05 The Grandstand)

Note: I have taken my younger son to Kiddy Fun a few times. You can read my full review of Kiddy Fun for more information.

♦ Fidgets
Fidgets is a kid’s indoor playground for children ages 0-10 years old. They have both a climbing play structure and a separate play area for younger kids. They also have cooking classes and arts/crafts classes for kids. Fidgets also hosts birthday parties. (#03-10/11/13/15 The Grandstand)

Note: Fidgets has recently been renovated. Both my boys have played here a few times. You can read my full review of Fidgets for more information.

(2)  Places to Paint & Sculpt & Draw & Create

♦ Art Grain
Art Grain offers various forms of art classes (including drawing, painting & sculpting) from preschool to adults. (#04-18/19 The Grandstand)

♦ Art Boot Camp 
Art Boot Camp offers art classes for kids from 18 months to adults. They also have Chinese brush painting courses and host birthday parties.  (#02-01 The Grandstand)

♦ The LPN Art School
The LPN Art School provides art classes for kids from ages 18 months to 16 years old. They also offer Chinese Art programs and short term creative art workshops. (#04-09 The Grandstand)

(3)  Places To Jump & Flip & Kick & Swim

♦ Bubbles Gymnastics
Bubbles Gym (formerly Sky Gym) offers gymnastics classes for kids ages 1 and above. Bubbles Gym also has a kid’s Birthday party package. (#02-04/05)

Note: My 4 year old did a trial class at Bubbles Gym. It was very similar to all the other kid’s gym programs. The place is fully padded and has a variety gym equipment for younger kids and older kids.  I know a bunch of little “girls” that take classes at Bubbles and all the moms I have spoken to like the program.

♦ GIM- Gymnastics in Motion
GIM Sports has gymnastics, fitness and sports camp programs for children (ages 2 and above) and adults. GIM sports also offers a Birthday party package. (#04-03 The Grandstand)

Note: I have never been inside GIM, however it looks really “professional” from looking in the window. It appears to be more a gymnastics studio then your regular “soft-mat” and “slides” gym studio. This is just from outside appearances – you will have to check it out for yourself.

♦ Marsden Swim School
Marsden Swim School offers swimming classes for ages infants to adults. They also have a swim squad that participates in various competitions and swim meets. (#01-33 The Grandstand)

♦ JH Kim Taekwondo Institute
JH Kim Taekwondo Institute offers martial arts training for kids and adults. This is one of the largest Taekwondo groups in Singapore. (#02-02/03 The Grandstand)

(4)  Places to Learn

♦ Ace Academy
Ace Academy is an educational enrichment center that helps prepare primary school students for enrollment into secondary schools. (#05-01/02 The Grandstand)

♦ Bricks 4 Kidz
Bricks 4 Kidz offers educational classes around Lego model building. The classes are for kids ages 3 to 12. Bricks 4 Kidz also hosts kid’s birthday parties. (#04-11 The Grandstand)

Note: Here is my review of a Bricks 4 Kidz trial class at the Valley Point location. Also, I attended a 5th birthday party at Bricks for Kids at the Grandstand when it first opened. The party was so unorganized that it was almost comical. The kids were bored with the activities and the staff was not very engaging. The Bricks 4 Kidz parties might be better now since a few months have passed since they opened.

♦ Junior Academy of Music
Junior Academy of Music (JAM) offers a variety of individual and small music classes for kids ages 4 and up. JAM has small music studios set up inside Fidgets. If you sign up for classes you can also play for free at Fidgets. (#03-10 The Grandstand)

Note: I signed up my 4 year old for individual drum classes at JAM. I signed up at JAM because I thought it would be fun for my 2 year old to play at Fidgets while his brother had drum lessons (a 2 in 1 activity for both kids). I was not happy with the teacher and we stopped taking classes after our 4 sessions were completed. FYI – they do not allow you to have a trial class to check out the teacher.

♦ Kumon
Kumon is an enrichment program that teaches kids to study independently and acquire self-learning skills. They offer programs in Math, English & Mandarin. (#04-06 The Grandstand)

Note: I have not been to the Kumon at The Grandstand. However, I know that Kumon has an excellent reputation worldwide. I recently signed up my son for Kumon at a different Singapore location. I will let you know what I think after a few months pass.

♦ Magic Fiddler
Magic Fiddler offers a variety of individual and small music classes for kids. They also have music appreciation classes for younger kids ages 2 and up. (#04-02 The Grandstand)

Note: I did a trial “drum” class with my son at Magic Fiddler. I really liked the music studio and the teacher. 

(5)  Places to Relax

♦ Kids Spa
Kids Spa is for kids ages birth to 16 years old. They offer a variety of massages for kids, including baby massage, foot spa and a “Mother & Child” massage. Kids Spa also offers a birthday party package. (#04-20 The Grandstand).

Note: I have been to Kids Spa. My son did a foot spa and really enjoyed it. I think this would be a great place for a “girls” spa birthday party. They have a great outdoor patio which they use for parties. It’s worth checking out for a unique party venue.

♦ Yoga Bugs
Yoga Bugs is a kid’s yoga studio that offers classes for kids from toddler to 7 years old. Yoga Bugs also offers a birthday party package. (#04-21 The Grandstand).

Note: We did a trial class at Yoga Bugs. The studio is nice and the teacher seemed knowledgeable, however I wasn’t surprised that my over-active son did not enjoy the class. He prefers to be outside running, rather than doing yoga & meditating.

There are still many, many more new shops, restaurants and kid’s places at The Grandstand that are worth exploring – you should go and see for yourself!