Recently Fidgets at the Grandstand (the former Turf City) went under a total makeover!! Fidgets is one of the older, more established kid’s indoor playgrounds in Singapore. In the past my kids and their friends never really went to Fidgets; the old Fidgets felt run down and there wasn’t much to do. When I heard about the renovation I just had to check it out for myself.

I decided to just take Xavion (he was only 23 months at the time), while his older brother was in school. We got there right at 9:00am when it opened. The place was empty and perfect for us to explore without being trampled on by the older kids.

As soon as you enter Fidgets, you can tell that something is different. I didn’t even recognize the place when we walked in. Right in the front is a huge “neon lighted” shoe rack and (free-off charge) lockers. They also had a few benches for people to sit down. The entrance is massive, so even if there are a huge group of people waiting to get in you won’t feel over crowded.

Almost everything at Fidgets has changed – the layout, design, ceilings, dining area. The only thing that is still the same is the main play structure. However, everything around it has been renovated.

The main play structure is average sized. It has one ball pit, long slides, curvy slides and places to crawl & climb. It does not have any ball shooters like some of the newer indoor play gyms. The main thing that I liked about the newly designed Fidgets is that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic – there is plenty of open space to move around. There are also lots of benches around the play structure for parents to sit and watch the kids play.

In addition to the main play structure, there is a special area designated area for kids 3 and under. The “baby” section includes some soft slides, padded climbing areas, a ball pit, and some push cars/walkers. 

Xavion did enjoy playing in the baby section, however we mostly played in the “big kids” play area. FYI – I recommend wearing  jeans or shorts that cover your knees. Since Xavion was so young I had to crawl and climb and slide with him in the play area.

In addition to playing, kids ages 4 and up also have the option of doing an “arts and craft” activity. The cost is $35, which includes the price of admission. The activity lasts approximately 45 minutes and the kids are able to choose from a variety of projects.

Another new addition to Fidgets is the Baking Studio. They offer cooking classes for kids (ages 4 and up). The cost of the class is $50 which includes unlimited free play at Fidgets. The class is about 90 minutes long and is only offered on certain days and times. The recipes change per class, there is a schedule with the picture of the food to be cooked on their website. There were no morning classes on the day we were there, so I didn’t get to see what the actual class looked like, or if it was worth the money.  This is something I am planning to try out with my older son in the weeks to come and I will keep you posted.

There are three Birthday party rooms. Each one has a a different mural on the wall and vary in size. Fidgets also offers “Arts & Crafts” and “Baking” parties.

Fidgets is also the new home for “JAM” – the Junior Academy of Music. JAM is located in the back hallway away from the play area. Kid’s sign up for individual and group music lessons. Admission to Fidgets is free if you have a lesson at JAM.  Note: I recently signed up my older son for individual “drum” lessons at JAM. I will share my views about the classes in a future blog post.

When we were almost done playing and scoping out the place, we decided to sit down for a snack. The Fidgets Café is huge compared to other indoor playgrounds! There are tons of tables and space for the kids to sit, eat and hang out. They also have high-chairs for the little ones.

The Cafe had a large variety of snacks, sandwiches and hot meals available, including breakfast and lunch/dinner options. The prices were average.

Something cool that I noticed was a “robot” ice-cream machine. It was too early in the morning to have ice-cream, otherwise it would have been fun to try it out. Maybe next time as a special treat.

Behind the robot ice-cream machine is a small diaper changing/breastfeeding room for nursing mothers.

Next to the cafe is “make-up” corner. On the weekends, Fidgets offers makeovers, face painting and manicures. They also plan on having a “makeover” birthday party package in the near future.

There was also a stage for kids to “strut their stuff”. I am not sure what the stage is used for – probably in conjunction with the “make-up” corner and JAM.

SuperMommy’s Opinion of Fidgets: I was very impressed with the new Fidgets at the Grandstand (especially since I have been to the old one). The place is very clean and looks and feels “brand new”. You can tell a lot of thought and money went into the renovation. I like the fact that they have a lot of space to move around, both in the play area and in the cafe. Additionally, I liked the new addition of the baking studio and arts & crafts corner. The main play structure is just average compared to some of the other play gyms, but I think the large amount of space and the extra activities offered make up for that. In the past I would have never even considered planning a play-date or an outing at Fidgets – but now it is one of the gyms that is at the top of my list.

Useful Fidgets Info:

    • Location: Fidgets World is located at 200 Turf Club Road, on the 3rd floor of the Grandstand. There is an elevator inside Pasarbella that will take you straight up to Fidgets (Lift 2 or 3). Parking is free at the Grandstand. Note: There is also Fidgets City at Marina Bay Sands and Fidgets Island (which is a drop-off Arts & Crafts place) at Paragon.
    • Entrance Costs: No membership is required for Fidgets World. The prices for admission in Singapore dollars are as follows: Under 1 (Free), 1-2 years old ($10), 3 and above ($18), Bake & Play ($50), Art & Play ($35). They do offer packages – you need to check with them for the details.
    • Hours: Open daily from 9am-6pm