Chopsuey Café recently opened up in Dempsey Hill. Being a big fan of “PS. Café”, the brainchild behind Chopsuey, my friends and I decided we had to check it out on our Mom’s Night Out.

Type of Cuisine: Chinese Fusion (Chinese with a western touch).

Atmosphere: Chopsuey is located in a black & white house in Dempsey Hill. The set-up is very similar to PS. Café Harding, but only half the size. It has both outdoor and indoor seating. Since it was night time we decided to get a table outdoors. We went on the eve of a public holiday, so the restaurant was quite full. There is also a sizable outdoor smoking area with a long sofa and tables.

Food: Chopsuey serves a variety of Chinese dishes. We ordered a few different dishes to share. When the food came to our table it not only looked appetizing, but it also smelled really good. Almost everything we ordered was delicious, the only dishes I wouldn’t recommend would be the sweet & sour pork (the taste was off) and the dim sum basket (not worth the money).

Maybe it was our Expat taste buds, but we all thought that the food was delicious (unlike what the other reviewers online say).

Chopsuey also serves a lot of specialty cocktails, we found the list to be impressive, but the taste of the cocktails was average. As for the desserts, nothing on the menu looked appetizing so after we were done with dinner we decided to find another place in Dempsey Hill for dessert. Chopsuey did give each of us a complimentary “fortune cookie” at the end of the meal – I just love reading fortune cookies! My Chopsuey fortune was “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Beautiful.” 

Cost: We spent $60 per person (five ladies). We each had one cocktail and did not order any dessert. We shared all of the food (4 main dishes, 1 rice, 1 noodles, 1 dim sum appetizer).

Service: The service was average. The food came out really quick which was a good thing. Aside from that the service was just ok. We had trouble tracking down wait staff when we needed something (like a menu for a friend that was just joining us for drinks). Also, the staff forgot to bring us things even after we made a request.

Reservations: Chopsuey is becoming a very popular place and I would definitely recommend making reservations in advance. If you are eating there for lunch get an inside table, for dinner I would recommend eating outdoors. You can make a reservation online or by calling +65-9224-6611.

Getting There: Chopsuey is located at Block 10 Dempsey Road. It is located near La Forketta and Prime Society at the very end of the parking lot.

Would SuperMommy Dine at Chopsuey Café Again? Yes, I would dine there again. My friends and I really loved the food. It also had a great atmosphere. I do wish they had a better selection of desserts (they might want to think about bringing over a few from PS. Cafe). But just for the record, it is not authentic Chinese food – it tastes very similar to the Chinese food that you get in America.

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