L’ Atelier de Joël Robuchon at Resorts World Sentosa just started offering a special “Ladies Night” menu on Wednesdays, so my friends and I decided to check it out. Unlike the Joël Robuchon Restaurant, which is fine dining, L’Atelier is a unique dining concept where the guests are part of the dining experience. The entire kitchen is open and on display as the chefs create these exquisite meals.

Cuisine: French Food – served with Japanese simplicity, in a Spanish tapas fashion.

Atmosphere: L’Atelier was decorated by the world-renowned designer Pierre-Yves Rochen, so the place did look really good. It is done in red, black & white – very trendy and sleek. We sat on red stools at the counter top, where we were served our food. Even though the concept resembled sitting at a bar and eating food, it was much fancier. The chairs for soft, with a foot rest (so no dangling feet). Also, there was a hook underneath the counter to hang your handbag.  Since there were only 3 of us, dining at the bar was still conducive to us being able to talk and enjoy our meal at the same time. I did observe larger groups of ladies sitting at high tables behind us, although those tables did not have as clear a view of the chefs as we did.

Food: Since this was the “Ladies Night” we received a special menu with items that were hand selected with women in mind. Only “ladies” are allowed to dine off of this menu, if we had a “male” in our party, he would not be offered the same menu. but would have been free to dine a la carte.

The Ladies Night Menu also included a free flow of sparkling wine and Bellini cocktails. The chef did inform us that the menu items would change on a regular basis, but this is what each of us were served –

Bread Basket



Note: Since I don’t eat seafood, I was provided with “Le Aubergine” in place of the L’Hamachi.

Les Petit Pois

Le Boeuf

La Sensation

Le Cafë-Le Thé

Overall the food was tasted good and the presentation of the food was excellent. My favorites were the soup – “Les Petit Pois” (and I hate peas – but loved this soup) and  the chocolate dessert “La Sensation”, which was primarily made of dark chocolate (my favorite).

Service: Since my friend dines at both L’Atelier and the fine dining Joël Robuchon regularly, I think we were given a little bit of “extra special” service and attention. The head chef, Lorenz Hoja and the manager kept frequenting our section to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. In fact, I must add that I don’t ever think that my glass of champagne was even close to being half finished before someone filled it up again. By the end of the night my friends and I had to request them to stop because it was just too much for us moms to handle. Definitely good service!

Cost: Although L’Atelier is not as costly as the Joël Robuchon Restaurant, it is still not a cheap place to dine. Keeping that in mind, SG$88++ for a “5 course” meal, including free flow of sparkling wine and Bellini cocktails is quite reasonable!

Getting There: L’Atelier is located at Resorts World in Sentosa (Singapore) at Hotel Michael Level 1.  Both L’Atelier and the Joël Robuchon Restaurant share the same entrance; it is located outdoors, in between Universal Studios and the Casino Shops.

L’Atelier is open daily for dinner from 6pm-10:30pm and on weekends for lunch from 12pm-2pm. The telephone number to make reservations is: +65-6577-6688.

Would SuperMommy recommend L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon? Overall, I thought both the food and the place were great. I think it is worth checking out if you are planning to go out on a more sophisticated Ladies Night.

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