With the holiday season approaching fast, shopping malls are jam packed. Many of us, especially those with little kids don’t have the time or energy go to the mall and wait in long lines. I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you about my great Zalora online shopping experience.

What is Zalora? I found out about Zalora on Google, but had never heard of them before that. Basically Zalora is an online fashion shopping retailer in Asia that sells women and men’s clothes, footwear, accessories, beauty and sportswear.

Why did I order online vs. going to the mall? On Friday my workout shoes basically fell apart. I knew I didn’t have a minute to spare over the weekend or the following week to head over to Orchard Road and I didn’t want to make any excuses for not going to the gym, so I decided to search online. Moreover, I knew my shoes would cost double the price in Singapore as they would in the US – thus, my original plan was to order shoes from Amazon, but then while I searched online,  I stumbled upon Zalora.

What did I buy? I only planned to buy some shoes, but in addition to Nike shoes, I ended up buying Nike socks, two Nike tennis skirts and some other random brand workout tops. (Yes, new clothes do motivate me to go to gym more).

How much did I pay? All of my items were discounted. My shoes and skirts were 50% off (a steal for Singapore). The tops were 35% off. My socks were regular price (but my coupon made them quite cheap).

How long did my items take to arrive?  I ordered at 9pm on Saturday night. On Monday at 11:30am my Zalora shipment arrived. That is less than 48 hours from the time I placed my ordered.!!!

Shipping charges My shipping was FREE because I ordered over SG$50. This was automatic, I didn’t have to use a coupon code.

Do they have Discounts?I signed up for their newsletter so I got $10 off my order for regular priced items (i.e. my socks). Before you order make sure you Google “Zalora coupons” to see what discounts they have!!  I get an email from Zalora almost daily with a new discount. I wish I would have done that – I probably would have gotten a lot more off.

Returns & Refunds: Two of the work-out tops I bought fit weird. So basically I put them back in the box with the packing slip. I taped the return label (which was included with my receipt) to the top of the box. The next morning,  i.e. Tuesday, I dropped it off at the post-office. I didn’t pay anything, shipping was FREE to return the items. On Thursday (two days later), my Paypal account was refunded for the exact amount I paid for the two shirts.

SuperMommy’s Overall Shopping Experience:  I was definitely impressed by Zalora’s quick service!!! I never order or buy things online from Singapore (since things are so ridiculously priced), but i was pleasantly surprised at how discounted my brand name items were. The things I bought were the same price, if not slightly cheaper than the US price. I also liked the fact that my refund was hassle free and easy to do.  I haven’t bought anything from Zalora since then – but trust me I do like to “window” shop when I get their online deals.

Please note that I have no connection to Zalora at all. I just felt that their great customer service and delivery speed deserved to be commended!

Happy Shopping!