These “Mummy Cupcakes “are sure to be a hit at your Halloween Party this year. This spooky treat is very easy to make and requires very little “decorating” skills, but looks amazing when finished.

Things you need:

  • Pre-baked cupcakes (preferably chocolate)
  • White Icing
  • A cake decorating bag
  • Decorating “petal tip” (Wilton 103 0r Wilton 104)
  • Mini – M&M’s or other candy for the eyes

Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Start making stripes across the cupcake using your icing. The icing should be in a decorating bag with a “petal” decorating tip. Note: If you do not have a petal tip, you can cut a thin edge off of a plastic cake decorating bag or a Ziplock bag to get a similar effect.

Step 2: Keep layering and making stripes from the icing. Feel free to get creative. Note: The first few cupcakes are difficult, but after a while you will get the hang of it, and the rest should be a breeze to decorate.

 Step 3: Make sure you leave a space for the Mummy’s eyes. Note: If you forget to leave a space, don’t fret – you can either scrape of that section with a butter knife or you can just put the eyes on top. They will still look good either way.

Step 4:  Make two round icing circles for the eyes

Step 5:  Place the M&M’s or other candy over the icing to make the Mummy’s eyes.

Step 6: Now you are finished! Wasn’t that easy? Get ready to have your friends raving about how amazing your Mummy Cupcakes are!

Hope you have more ‘treats’ than ‘tricks’ this Halloween. Happy Haunting.