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Spooky, scary, funny, heroic or stylish finding just the right Halloween costume for your kids (and even adults) can become somewhat of a challenge, especially in Singapore.

Every year I search all over town to find the perfect costume for the kids (and myself). The selection in stores in Singapore is limited and usually the “trendiest” and “most awesome” costume is either “not available” or “out of stock”. Shopping online is actually a stress-free way to get the exact costume that you want with a few clicks of a button.

Here are some tips for buying your costume online and shipping it to Singapore –

  • Plan & Shop Early! Sizes and styles run out fast. You should start thinking about Halloween by mid-September and try to figure out what you and your kids want to dress up as. Is your family dressing in a specific theme? Do you need any accessories (tights, swords, crowns)?
  • Online Coupons. Most stores have online coupons and you can save lots of money by using them. Do an online search through Google with the store name to see if there is a coupon available.
  • Online Newsletter. See if the shop has an online newsletter. You usually get a discount code for signing up.
  • Ship to your doorstep. Check shipping dates and method of shipping. Make sure the costume will reach in time for Halloween. If you are unsure, pay a little extra for express shipping.
  • Split Shipping Charges. Ask your friends if they also need costumes. Group together to order your costumes and split the shipping charges.
  • Check Sizes. Measure your kids and check the size charts to make sure the costume will fit. All brands and costumes are different. If you are unsure, it is better to buy a size up and then use pins or sew the costume to the right size.
  • Read Reviews. Make sure to read the reviews to see if the costume is good quality, the right size, looks like the picture, etc. Actual users of the costumes from previous years will be able to guide you.
  • Mix and Match. Buy the bulk of your purchase online and then see if you can get the remaining pieces at a store in Singapore. You might need to go to more than one store to get all the perfect accessories for your costume.

Now, here is list of some websites where you can find that awesome Halloween Costume ONLINE and shipped to Singapore. Hopefully this list will help in your costume hunt. There are tons more online stores out there besides this list, so just keep looking and I am sure you will find the right costume!!

Online Halloween Shops that deliver to Singapore

  • Amazon (USA): Amazon has tons of costumes. Just make sure the costume you want can be delivered to Singapore. FYI – if you spend over US$125 you can get free shipping on certain items (so order other things besides your costume at the same time).
  • Halloween Costumes (USA): Super Note: This is where we purchased our costumes from this year. I bought 3 costumes (Star Wars themed) and all the accessories delivered right to our doorstep in just 3 days. I also got 20% off my entire order for signing up for the newsletter (this basically covered the shipping costs).
  • Halloween Express (USA)
  • Pottery Barn Kids (USA)
  • EBay (Singapore/Worldwide)
  • Heaven Costumes (Australia)
  • Happy Costumes (Singapore)
  • Lazada (Singapore)
  • Rakuten (Singapore)
  • Children’s Costume Specialist (Singapore)
  • The Party Stuff (Singapore)
  • Yeo GM Trading (Singapore)

If you still can’t find that perfect costume online, or if you are running out of time – don’t fret! Check out Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Singapore – Part 2: Singapore Retail & Costume Shops.

Happy Haunting!!