Museo a new restaurant by Arteastiq Boutique Tea House recently opened up on Sentosa island in Singapore.  Museo, pronounced “Moo-Zay-O”, which means museum in Italian is one of the first restaurants in the world to serve their food in exquisite glass cups (simply named ‘Dine-In-A-Cup’).

Cusine: Contemporary with a fusion twist.

Diners: My friend and myself. We left the kids and hubbys at home.

Atmosphere: Very hip and artsy. It was a random Thursday night and the place was not that busy, however, I have been told that the weekends and high tea buffet are really packed.

Museo Drinks:  Museo has over 30 specialty cocktails to choose from. I decided to order the Cucumber Mojito ($16). I am a huge fan of mojitos and have tried various flavors, but never a Mojito with cucumbers. It was really light and refreshing. I loved it – what a great combination.

My friend order the Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider ($13). At Museo any beer or cider can be transformed into “jelly slush”, so she decided to give it a try. We thought it was a really cool concept and would be good as a daytime drink on a hot Singapore day. Not so good as a dinner drink. 

As previously mentioned, Museo is known for it’s “dine-in-cup” concept. We decided to order a few of the Mezzanine dishes to start. You can either order the mezzanine dishes individually or create your own set  ($39). Everything just sounded so delicious on the menu that ordered a variety of food not realizing how big the quantities would be. We figured they would be small tapas sized portions, but we were mistaken. Each of the glass cups actually held a fairly sizable portion of food. 

Three Musicians ($12) – Soft shell chilli crab served with sweet and savory tomato-chilli sauce.

Miro Fields ($7) – Lotus Chips served with Basil Cheese Dip

Joys of Life ($12) – Smoked roast pork belly served with hot sauce.

Smile of Mona Lisa ($12)- Deep fried Camembert cheese served with cranberry sauce

The Kiss ($12) – Barbecued squid with chili and peppers.

 Matisse’s Gold ($12) – Deep fried silver fish served with hot sauce.

The mezzanine starters were all good – no complaints. Our favorites out of the bunch were the Smile of Mona Lisa, Joys of Life and Miso Fields.

For the main course, I ordered the Two Way Lamb ($35). My entree came with a small shepherds pie in a glass. The shepard’s pie actually remained really hot for the duration of the meal. The lamb had a nice flavor, but was slightly overcooked. I failed to mention (and they never asked me) how I wanted the lamb to be cooked – I should have ordered it “medium”.

My friend ordered the Pan Roasted Cod Fish ($33). She really liked the seasoned onions on top of the cod fish. The fish came with a “dine in a cup” bowl of mushroom rissoto. Overall she was happy with her order.

After dinner we ordered two desserts. The first one was the Vodka Chocolate Lava Cake ($12) – vodka and chocolate, how can you go wrong! The dessert came with a choice of gelato, so we thought the “champagne vanilla” would be a good choice. This dessert looked and sounded great, but it was just “ok”. The vodka took away from the chocolate flavor and left a weird after-taste.

We also ordered the Strawberry Crumble ($12) with a scoop of “yazu” gelato on the side (which was included). The unique thing about this dessert was that the strawberries were stewed in red wine. This was dessert was really good – it had an interesting taste. Both my friend and I recommend ordering this dessert.

Presentation:  As you can see from the pictures, the presentation of all the foods and drinks was excellent. Everything was artistically presented and looked very appetizing. I am a stickler for details and I loved all the personalized “Museo” logo on the serving trays, menu, tables, silverware, etc. You can tell that a lot of time was spent on all the little nuances  of the restaurant. I especially loved the little trays – it looks like something you would serve royalty with.

Museo Art Jam: Something that really made Museo stand out for me was their “Art Jam”. After we were done eating we decided to walk around the restaurant. We noticed all these easels and paints set up – loved it! I wish I would have seen these easels earlier, I would have definitely let out my inner Picasso and made an art piece to take home.

Location, Reservations & Useful Info: Museo is located at the Quayside Isle on Sentosa Island at 31 Ocean Way. Although I have been to Sentosa many times, this was my first visit to Quayside Isle. For you newbies like me, Quayside Isle is in the residential area of Sentosa across from the W Residences. In addition to Museo, there were a few other restaurants and shops in that area – lots of parking is available. I would call ahead to make a reservation (+65-6734-8066), especially if you are going on a weekend. Make sure you request a “booth”  if you are going with a group of friends or on a date night. 

Would SuperMommy Dine At Museo AgainYes, I am already thinking of planning a night out at Museo and doing an “art jam” with my friends. The presentation, atmosphere and concept of the place is excellent. Also, Museo has a really hip and trendy vibe – reminded me of something I would see in Los Angeles or New York. The food was good – but you can get good food at many places in Singapore. I will be going back for the cool specialty drinks/cocktails and the art jam!

I was invited to do a food tasting at Museo, however all the opinions in this review are 100% my own.