Why Is Everyone Else Pregnant, But You??

To quote my good friend –
Even crack whores get pregnant!” 
As if you didn’t feel bad enough already.

Does it seem like everyone around you is pregnant?  You have been trying to conceive for months with no luck.  Your doctor has told you there is nothing wrong, just keep trying. Who do you talk to, where do you turn?  Don’t worry, SuperMommy is here to tell you everyone’s secret.

Yes, for the lucky handful pregnancy just happens.  But in today’s stressful environment and lifestyles who are we kidding.  Things needed to be planned and carefully coordinated in our smart phone calendars.  Don’t blush, you know it’s true.

Your husband doesn’t want to plan, it stresses him out.  Well not being pregnant probably stresses you out even more.  So if it bugs him so much just don’t tell him you are “planning”, let him think you are seducing him (haha…you know you are laughing too).

The key to planning is knowing when you are ovulating.  Most women ovulate on the 14th day after the first day of their last period.  But this greatly varies from woman to woman.   There are many methods for determining ovulation, which I am sure your doctor has already told you about.

Why don’t you just take the guess work out of the whole thing. Use Clear Blue ovulation sticks to tell you your most fertile days are to conceive.  Just pee on a stick everyday from about 10-11 days after your period and when you get a smiley face that will be your best day to conceive (i.e. definitely have sex on your smiley face day and the day after).

Now that you have the smiley face, the next thing is make sure you have Pre-Seed.  Pre-Seed is a type of lubricant that is similar to a woman’s existing cervical fluid.  It basically supplements a woman’s own fertile lubricating fluids. Check out their website or Google it for more details.  Pre-Seed is not that well advertised, especially in Asia, but it has worked for many people that I personally know.

Basically you insert this gel like liquid into your vagina about 15 minutes before you have sex and then continue as normal.  In case you didn’t already know, almost all other lubricants damage sperm.  FYI:  Although this is a US product, it is also sold in Singapore.  I have seen it at some of the bigger Guardian stores and at the Isetan pharmacy on Scott’s Road.

Now that you have had sex – what’s next?  I am sure all the wise, elderly ladies in your family have told you “keep your legs up” after you have sex.  This is probably so the sperm have a swimming chance.  Why not try it.  You might feel a bit silly, but at this point, what do you have to lose?

Last of all, don’t stress.  Yes, I know it feels like the end of the world that everyone else is getting pregnant and not you, but it will happen eventually (or you can get IVF, adopt, foster, ect.)

Just enjoy your freedom while you still can.  I haven’t “slept in” in over 3 years!!  Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Super Secret:  Many of my friends have gotten pregnant almost immediately by using the Clear Blue sticks and Pre-Seed combination.  Maybe this will work for you too!