Pregnancy Teas to drink

Written by SuperMom Kat SuperMom Kat

Thank you to SuperMom Kat for sharing her “Tea Time” pregnancy tips with the SuperMommy readers.

Listening to Doctor’s Orders… When I discovered I was pregnant with my little girl, I was told by my doctor that the rule of thumb is to eat healthy. Then came the list of pregnancy don’ts. Avoid indulging in too many sweets, cocktails, excessive exercise, and coffee. Last but not least, lay off the stress.

Now WhatI thought to myself, ” This means I have to curb my cravings for my favorite milk chocolate gourmet cupcake and my love for chocolate glazed, vanilla custard filled donuts. Yikes.   My glass of wine or sociable cocktail every now and then is officially out now.  I can no longer participate in excessive gym or dance fitness workouts to blow off steam, or down more than my fair amount of daily java to stay energized. ” I admit I was not so upset at the idea of not working as much overtime.

Brainstorming Alternatives…  My mind reeled. What could I turn to other than mommy to be yoga therapy during my pregnancy? Pregnancy yoga may be a favorite for others, but it was certainly not my thing. I just couldn’t  willingly contort myself into a pretzel like form or warrior pose past the 2nd trimester. If there was a Downward Duck pose to go with my awkward pregnancy waddle, I wasn’t interested.

There had to be something that could prevent me from transforming into an unrecognizable , overly hormonal and emotional pregnant wreck. What could take me through my inevitably stressful work days and my first time expectant mom jitters?

A Lightbulb Moment…  I found my answer as I strolled down a health food grocery store aisle. Rows upon rows of fabulous caffeine free or decaffeinated teas could get me through my pregnancy and breastfeeding and first time mom experiences! You name it, whatever is needed to get you through the day, it seems like there is a tea for it.

Tea Anyone?  There are teas to calm, energize, relieve stress, help you sleep, and detoxify. There are teas to promote concentration, healthy skin, lower blood pressure, and better digestion. Full of antioxidants and healing properties, tea continues to be a great alternative for those looking for something to escort them calmly and safely through nine months of pregnancy and beyond without going bonkers.

Taste Mommy Prep Teas.  I highly recommend the different brands of Mommy to Be teas for childbirth preparation and various Mother’s Milk teas for breastfeeding preparation. The brands I tried were made by Earth Mama/Angel Baby, Yogi , and Traditional Medicinals. These teas really helped me during the pregnancy and post pregnancy process. Each brand had their own uniquely great taste, so I rotated them all.

Tea for Toddler Time. Now that I have an enthusiastic and energetic toddler, I find the Tazo Zen and Calm teas to be fantastic, as well as the Tazo  Awake, Yogi Woman’s Energy, and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime teas.

Safety Do!  Do: Check with your doctor and the tea box labels to see which teas are safe for pregnancy  and/or breastfeeding.

Give Tea a Try! Don’t: Knock a tea bag or two until you try it.

Iced or hot, assorted teas remain one of my favorite beverages of choice in my insulated travel mug. Relatively inexpensive and with a ton of tea varieties to choose from, all you have to do is brew, stir, sip, and enjoy!

SuperMom Kat