– SuperMommy’s Thoughts –

As most of us know, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, recently announced that she is six months pregnant. Now people are criticizing her for commenting that she plans to work through her maternity leave. The critics feel that Mayer is setting a “bad example” for working woman by taking such a short period of leave after the baby is born.

Mayer is in a lose-lose situation.  The Fortune 500 is a male dominated world.  Mayer is speaking as a woman in a high level executive position – the last thing she wants is stock prices to fluctuate based on her pregnancy announcement.

What do you expect her to say?  “I plan to go on maternity leave for at least 2 months, so don’t even think about calling me or expect me to check my email after the baby is born.”  Or better yet, “I plan to quit and become a stay-at-home mommy.”  I would love to hear what the public’s reaction would be to those comments.

Woman should not be penalized for wanting to work or wanting to stay home.  I am sure Mayer can afford the best nanny to look after her new baby.  If she wants to take maternity leave or if she wants to work that is her prerogative.

There is always an unfair double standard for woman these days.  On the one hand people want woman to be in a power position, on the other hand, they want them to stay at home to take care of their kids.

What would SuperMommy do in Mayer’s position?

This is a no brainer!  I would take the minimum amount of maternity leave possible.  I would probably be texting and sending out emails from the delivery room.  God forbid some man try to take over my job in my absence.

Would SuperMommy still be a “Super Mommy”?

I would change my status to SuperCEO by day and SuperMommy by night.  Of course I would remain the CEO of Yahoo and work my ass off.  I would juggle both, kids and CEO, just to prove that it can be done.   Sorry kids, as much as I love you, I would hate you in the future if I gave all that up.

Would SuperMommy be Happy?

The grass is always greener on the other side.

SuperMommy Disclaimer

Just for the record, Mayer will be a new mommy.  She has no idea how she will feel when she brings that little baby boy home.  Something changes when you become a mother.  Your job is no longer what defines you; rather your children become the center of your universe.

SuperMommy’s Two Cents Worth

Good job Mayer for getting such a high powered position. You are a role model for woman everywhere.  As for being pregnant, Congratulations, being a mother is even better than being CEO of Yahoo.