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Kitchen Tips for using PAM Cooking Spray

PAM Cooking Spray is great for cooking, baking, grilling and much more. It has so many uses in the kitchen that I have stopped counting. It makes prepping, cooking, cleaning and storing just a little bit easier. The best part is that PAM Cooking Spray leaves *99% less residue than margarine or bargain-brand cooking sprays (*vs. leading cooking sprays [except olive oil]). Let me give you some tips that that will help you in your kitchen adventures…

Tip #1 – Prep your utensils with PAM Cooking Spray

I love cooking, but what I hate is the clean-up. I use PAM Cooking Spray to help avoid the sticky mess on my utensils, pans and appliances, which makes cleaning up a breeze.

PAM Cooking Spray Kitchen Tips

Here are some ideas on where to use PAM Cooking Spray when prepping –

  • Grater: Spray your grater, especially before grating cheese or garlic. This will help the food just slide off.
  • Measuring Cups: Coat your measuring cups. This is great for sticky ingredients like peanut butter, molasses, honey and more. It helps make sure all your ingredients are in the bowl and not left in the cup.
  • Food Processor: Coat your food processor or blender blades before use.
  • Airfryer: Spray on the Airfryer basket to avoid sticking.
  • Knives: Spray on knives for easy slicing and to avoid leftover residue.
  • Waffle Iron: Spray on your waffle iron for easy to remove waffles.
  • Donut Maker: Spray on both the top and bottom of the donut maker and watch the donuts just easily pop out.
  • Kitchen Sheers: Spray on kitchen sheers for easy cutting.

Tip #2 – Spray PAM Cooking Spray before cookingPAM Cooking Spray Kitchen Tips

PAM Cooking Spray is a great kitchen helper, especially when cooking. Since it has 99%…. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my food to stick to my families stomach and not to the pan.

Here are some ideas on how to use PAM Cooking Spray when cooking – 

Rice or Pasta – Spray the pot before adding the water to help prevent sticking to the bottom.

Making eggs – Spray directly on the pan for easy removal of the eggs.

Burgers or Meatballs – Coat PAM Cooking Spray on your hands before forming burgers or meatballs.

Popcorn – Coat the pan before popping to enable more kernels to pop and the salt to stick.

Tip #3 – Spray PAM Cooking Spray before grillingPAM Cooking Spray Kitchen Tips

Whether you are grilling outdoors using your barbeque or using a stove top grill pan, PAM Cooking Spray is a must. With PAM Cooking Spray, your meat and veggies end up on the plate, rather than stuck on the grill.

Grilling straight on the grill? Spray or use a brush to coat a light layer of PAM Cooking Spray directly on the grill before you get started.

Using skewers to grill? Before putting on the meat and veggies, coat the skewer with PAM Cooking Spray. This will allow for the food to easily come off with having to tear it off.

Using foil to grill? Spray the foil with PAM Cooking Spray before you add in the contents. When the food is cooked, it will be easy to remove and the food won’t stick to the foil.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget to also coat your grilling utensils.

Tip #4 – Spray PAM Cooking Spray before baking

Kitchen Tips for using PAM Cooking SprayThe last thing you want is that perfect cake, quiche, or baked dish to get ruined because it refused to come out of the pan! Spray a bit of PAM Cooking Spray on your dish before you start baking and you will see the difference at the end.

Extra tip: When rolling dough, spray your hands, rolling surface and rolling with PAM Cooking Spray and avoid the sticky mess.


Tip #5 – Spray PAM Cooking Spray before storing PAM Cooking Spray Kitchen Tips

If you are like me, you probably tons of plastic containers to store leftovers, freeze meals, pack kids snacks, and the many other uses. Have you noticed how certain foods like spaghetti sauce or curries leave stains in the containers and then you have to throw them out? What a waste!

Use PAM Cooking Spray for “no stain” plastic storage containers. Before storing any potential stain causing foods, spray a thin layer of PAM Cooking Spray to the container. And then, viola, no stains when you remove the food!




One bottle of PAM Cooking Spray, with so many uses. I hope you can put these kitchen tips to some good use! Now go on and get to cooking!


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PAM Cooking Spray sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine