Things to put Get Well Soon Care Basket Hopsital Friend Teacher Child Family Colleague

No one likes being sick. 🙁 Whether it is a family member, friend, colleague, work associate, acquaintance or teacher, making a get-well-soon basket or sending a care package to brighten up someone’s day is a super nice gesture and super easy to make once you know what to put inside!

Before you get started, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration before making the basket. What is your relationship with the person?  What is the severity of the ailment/medical condition? Is the person in the hospital or at home recovering? What is your own personal budget?

You don’t need to overspend to get have a fabulous basket of items. Below is a list of over 65 items that you can potentially put in a care basket and are easily available to purchase or simple to make at home. You can mix and match items from each area listed below, or just do a specific type of basket, for example relaxing, medical, comfort food, ect..

Just remember it’s the thought that counts and I am sure the person receiving the basket will be delighted you made the effort in their time of need.

And FYI, you don’t even need a basket, just get the items to the sick person  and I am sure they will really appreciate it! 🙂

Here are 65+ ideas on what to include in a “Get Well Soon” Basket…

Just Because You Are Sick

(1)  Flowers

(2)  Balloons

(3)  Stuffed Animal

(4)  Handwritten Card

(5)  Video Messages from colleagues & friends

(6)  E-Cards

Comfort & Relaxation

(7)  Massager (eye, back, head, etc)

(8)  Candles

(9)  Foot scrubs

(10) Body brush

(11)  Robe

(12) Fuzzy Slippers

(13) Cosy Blanket

(14) Pajamas

(15) Neck pillow

(16) Eye mask

Medical & Health

(17) Thermometer

(18) Vitamins / Supplements

(19) Health Shakes

(20) Band-Aids

(21) Tissues

(22) Throat drops

(23) Sleep Aids

(24) Ice-Pack

(25) Hot Water Bag

(26) Pill Box

(27) Body Wipes

(28) Surgical Mask

Entertainment & Fun

(29) Magazines

(30) Books

(31) Movies

(32) Music

(33) Board games

(34) Puzzles

(35) Handheld gaming device

(36) Brain Games

(37) Journal

(38) Stress Ball

(39) Universal Remote Control

(40) X-box, Playstation, Nintendo games

(41) Premium Cable Channel Subscription

(42) iTunes gift card

(43) Playlist of Favorite Songs

(44) Art & Craft Supplies

Comfort Food Items

(45) Soup

(46) Crackers

(47) Tea

(48) Chocolates

(49) Cookies

(50) Nuts & Granola

(51) Fruits

(52) Candy

(53) Sports Drinks w/Electrolytes

(54) Healthy Food Items

(55) Homemade Favorite Food

(56) Delivery Menus w/ gift card to restaurant

Beauty & Pampering

(57) Face Mask

(58) Body Scrub

(59) Foot Scrub

(60) Massage Oil

(61) Relaxing Shower Gel

(62) Scented Lotions

(63) Essential Oils

(64) Lavender Room Spray

(65) Talcum Powder

(67) Aromatherapy Diffuser

(68) Lip Balm

(69) Epsom Salts

(70) Dry Shampoo


These are just some ideas on what to put in the basket. Just think to yourself, if you were sick, what would you want in the basket? What would cheer you up? If you can come up with any other items to add to the list, please leave a comment below. I am sure this will be a great help to everyone reading this article. 🙂

Hope you friend feels better soon!

Things to put Get Well Soon Care Basket Hopsital Friend Teacher Child Family Colleague