If you live in Singapore, I am sure you have heard by now that Turf City is being completely renovated and a bunch of new and fun kid’s venues are opening up at the Grandstand. I decided to check out Kiddy Fun on a Wednesday morning with my 20 month old son and his little friend. Although Kiddy Fun has been open since May 2012 not many of my friends have been there or even heard of it.

Kiddy Fun opens at 9:30am, which is perfect for early morning risers like us. Since we were there on a weekday at 10am, there were hardly any kids there. I am not sure how packed it gets on the weekend, but it was great having the place almost to ourselves. Also, there were no big kids around to trample over our little ones.

All of Kiddy Fun is completely padded and cushioned. As you can see from the pictures the place is full of soft, pastel colors. The place is a decent size. It’s not massive, but I wouldn’t classify it as small either. It does have ample space to move around and play – although they will only allow 60 kids maximum in the place at one time (I read this on their website).

Kiddy Fun is divided into various little sections which included moving rides, ball pits, blocks and tunnels. Here are some pictures of the various play areas:

The floating balloon cage.

A moving submarine or maybe this is a space ship ride – either way Xavion seemed to like it.

The moving “dodge ball” carousal. 

 A building blocks section.

A see-saw ride that moved from side to side.

A little padded animal merry-go-round.

The stairs leading to the upstairs ball pit.

The upstairs ball pit and plastic water bed.

The maze of tunnels.

The spinning tea cups.

The climbing tower of Bunny Rabbits.

They have a small eating area with comfy couches where we were able to chill out and have a light snack in between running around. This area directly overlooks the play area so you still feel like you are a part of the “action”. We ate our own snacks from home, but they did have a few snacks and drinks for sale.

Like all the other indoor play areas, Kiddy Fun also does birthday parties. Here is a picture of the party space. It is not a separate room, but just a small section that overlooks the play area. Since there was no party there, we were also allowed to play/hang out in that area if we wanted. I personally think this would be a great place for a 1st or 2nd birthday party because it is fully padded and has little moving rides that the kids would enjoy. I would recommend checking the place out on a weekend first before planning a party so that you can see how crowded it will be.

SuperMommy’s Overall Impression: I really liked the whole concept of Kiddy Fun. I thought the moving rides and layout of the place was great. Definitely a cool place to check out with the little ones.

SuperMommy’s Recommended Age for Kiddy Fun: I think this is a good place for the younger kids to play. I would recommend checking it out if you child is under 2 years old. I think that kids over the age of 2 (especially boys), might get bored really fast with this place since the rides are all slow moving. I don’t think the price of admission is worth it for the older kids.

Would SuperMommy go to Kiddy Fun Again?  I did not buy a package at Kiddy Fun, but I will more than likely go again – maybe once every few months. If I lived closer to Turf City, maybe I would go more often. To answer the question – yes, I will go again but I don’t intend to become a regular customer.

Kiddy Fun Useful Information:

Admission: Non-Member: S$12 – below 18 months / S$18 – above 18 months. Membership: S$50 for 6 times – below 18 months / S$80 for 6 times – above 18 months

Contact Info: #04-04/05, Turf City, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994 / +65- 6463-7028 / www.kiddyfun.com.sg

Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9:30 am-6:00 pm / Friday-Saturday: 9:30 am-7:00 pm