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With Father’s Day just around the corner, why not get your kids to make something handcrafted and personalised for Dad this year. From sticky pad holders to golf club buddies, these 10 Easy Kid’s Father’s Day Crafts are all really simple to make and are the perfect gift to make Dad’s day that bit more special.

Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #1: Photo Frame

These pictures are really cute and can make a great addition to Dad’s desk at work. You could get even more creative and spell out other messages using your bodies!

Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #2: Paper Weight

Stop Dad’s papers flying away with this DIY paper weight, using stones and pebbles that your little one can go out and find themselves.


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #3: Key Chain

This Father’s Day Keychain is really simple to make and your kids can fill it with tons of personalised messaged for Dad.


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #4: Goodie Bags

These Goodie Bags are great to put all your Father’s Day presents in, or even for Dad to use for bringing his lunch to work!


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #5: Note Pad

Make this easy pad from recycled materials for Dad to jot down important notes at home or work. For a more decorative design, why not use handprints for the background of the cover!


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #6: Snack Bar

Whether it be beer, soda or juice, this cute snack bar is ideal to be used for Dad to carry his favourite drinks. To make the snack bar even more personalised, you could glue some photos or draw pictures around the outside.


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #7: Sticky Pad Holder

Save all your leftover popsicle sticks and use them to make this easy sticky pad holder for Dad’s desk. You can even write cute messages on each popsicle stick for Dad to read while he’s at work.


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #8: Coffee Cup Holder

With Dad rushing off to work early in the morning, this personalised coffee cup holder is super easy to make and makes the perfect gift this Father’s Day. You don’t have to be great at sewing to make this gift, buttons and sequins make a great addition and can be glued on!


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #9: Golf Club Buddies

Be sure not to throw your old socks away! While Dad’s out playing golf, treat him to some cute, handcrafted golf buddies to keep his gold clubs clean.


Kids’ Father’s Day Crafts #10: Picture Holder

Whatever Dad’s favourite sport is, this DIY picture holder makes a great present for Father’s Day. You can use as many pieces of wire as you want and fill the holder with all your favourite family pictures!



Hope you have a very Happy Father’s Day!