Kids Birthday Party Milk Bar Singapore

Every year I try to come up with something creative to add to my kid’s birthday parties.  Popcorn, candy floss, ice-cream – totally fun, but been there, done that.

When we go to adult parties, more than likely there will be a cocktails bar, where adults are able to get custom drinks and mingle about. Why not try a similar concept for kids? This is why I got Tubulars to set-up their awesome flavored “milk” bar for Zayden’s 6th birthday party at KidsSTOP.

Tubulars Kids Birthday Party Milk Bar Singaproe
What is Tubulars?  Most of us probably know what Tubulars are by now, but just in case, Tubulars are those flavored milk straws that you find in the boxed milk section of your grocery store.


What is the Tubulars milk bar? The milk bar is a special kids party bar on wheels that can be set-up at your birthday party.

Tubulars Kids Birthday Party Milk Bar Singapore

How does it work?  Tubulars delivered the cart prior to the party along with the milk, straws and cute cups/lids.

Tubulars Kids Birthday Party Milk Bar Singapore

You can have someone from Tubulars help you man the bar, or get a friend to help you out. After the party was over, Tubulars coordinated with KidsSTOP to come pick up the cart.

Since the cart arrived early, I was able to totally jazz it up in the dinosaur theme, so the bar fit in quite well with the party atmosphere.

Tubulars Kids Birthday Party Milk Bar Singapore

5 flavors to choose from! The kids all enjoyed going up to the bar and getting to choose their favorite straw flavor – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, kiwi, or cookies and cream.

Tubulars Kids Birthday Party Milk Bar Singapore

The kids all seemed to enjoy it and the moms were also impressed!

Tubulars Kids Birthday Party Milk Bar Singapore

Great as a goodie bag stuffer! In addition to the milk bar set-up, I was also able to add some Tubulars straws to the goodie bags – so the kids could enjoy the straws at home as well.

SuperMommy’s Overall Opinion: I am not sure about you, but as a mom, I would much prefer my boys to drink milk over punch and other sugary drinks. But normally at birthday parties (including all of mine),  there is no milk to be found. I thought the milk cart was a fabulous idea. Boring milk now became fun and something the kids could really enjoy in a party atmosphere.


You can check out the Tubulars SG Facebook page for more details on arranging a milk cart for your own party.

Good luck & happy party planning!!