Kid’s just love these cute little Snowman Marshmallow Cookies. These are a great festive addition to your holiday party dessert table, that requires very little time or ingredients to make. This is the perfect treat to take to your child’s Christmas pot-luck party. In addition to making a fun party food, it is also an easy no-bake cooking activity that you can do with your kids at home this holiday season!

Things You Need:

  • Oreo Cookies (or other round cookies for a base)
  • Large White Marshmallows (for the body)
  • Pretzel Sticks or candy cane sticks (for arms)
  • White frosting (to make everything stick together)
  • Black icing gel (for the eyes, nose & mouth)
  • Hershey’s kisses, gumdrops, strawberries (for a hat)

How To Make:

Step 1:  Use the white frosting to act as “glue” to stick the marshmallows to the oreo cookie.

Step 2: Push the pretzel sticks into the snowman to make arms.

Step 3: Use the black icing gel (sold in small tubes at your local baking store) to make the snowman’s face.

Step 4: (Optional) Place a gumdrop, strawberry, Hershey’s kiss or other item on the top to make a hat.

Step 5: (Optional) Tie red licorice around the snowman’s neck to make a scarf.

Now wasn’t that super simple to make! Better eat up it up quick before these snowman melt away.

Hope you have a Happy Holiday!