Shopee Family Fair Coupon Promotion Discount Code

The inaugural Shopee Family Fair is almost here! Some of you may be wondering what the heck is Shopee and why is SuperMommy writing about this? Shopee is basically a free online buy/sell platform (where you can list products and shop for deals online. You can create and browse all the items for free, at no extra charge.

Now most of you already know that I am big fan of online shopping and getting good deals. From 12 – 20 April, 2017 you can shop online at Shopee for items for your entire family! Tons of awesome deals on home appliances, household goods, baby & kid’s products, toys and much more. Check this link for the some of the offers:

Shopee has also given me a special promotion code for the Fair to share with my readers. If you use the code “FAIRxSUPERMOMMY” you get $7 off $15 .

Shopee SPECIAL PROMO CODE for $7 off $15

Shopee Promotion Discount Coupon Code Family Fair


In addition to the crazy deals and promo code, shoppers can also take part in contests in-app to win a candy floss machine, Universal Studios tickets and other fun prizes. Also, if you have a Maybank card you can get an additional $5 off if you spend $30.

Just FYI… Shopee is not paying me a percentage or sponsoring this post. I just wanted to share this promotion with my readers because it’s always nice to have a coupon code & save money while shopping.

Hope you find some nice items on sale to buy! Happy Shopping.