Being a SuperMommy can sometimes be very stressful job.  My friend and I decided we were in need of “mom’s night out” so we decided to schedule a night of massages after putting the kids to bed. I have always been a big fan of Strip and Browhaus (in fact I have a package there), so I thought it would be fun to check out what Qi Mantra had to offer. We decided to go to the Qi Mantra at Great World City in Singapore.

PRE – Massage:

I got to Qi Mantra at 7:20 for my 8:00pm massage. I gave them my information and filled in the registration card. I informed them that I had an eyebrow threading appointment with their sister company Browhaus at 7:30 p.m.

At 8:02 pm, right before the start of my massage I asked them to direct me to the restroom. The receptionist told me that they did not a restroom inside and I better be” quick” and “run” because my massage therapist was waiting. Hence, I raced through the mall to the nearest restroom and peed as quickly as I could, washed my hands and raced back.  Just remind me again how this is supposed to get me in the mood for a relaxing massage??

In the Massage Room:

I was led into my room by the massage therapist. She did not even introduce herself. She told me that the massage was already starting late and that I needed to quickly change my clothes and that she was waiting right outside right outside my door. Talk about pressure.  

The room itself was average, a 5 out of 10. I wasn’t expecting the Ritz Carlton or anything like that. The decor was passable in the dark. The room was painted a dull, bluish gray. It was very plain and non-descript. No special frills, paintings or amenities to write about. The floor could have used a vacuum (I only noticed this because I was lying face down with my head in the special “massage bed hole”.

The Massage:

The massage itself was far below my expectations. As she began to massage my back, I asked her if she could feel the “knots” in my back. Her response was “no” – I had to tell her where to massage, because she only works off of what her clients tell her. How is she a massage therapist when she can’t feel a person’s knots?  Even a novice like me can feel knots in someone’s back. But once I mentioned my tense upper back, the therapist did do a little bit of deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders, which is not part of the relaxation massage – so I will say that was the only good thing about the massage.

POST – Massage:

My massage was only 45 minutes at most and not a full hour. My massage ended at 8:57. I glanced at her little clock as soon as she ended because I was surprised it was already over. I never got a chance to see the time when we started since I was so rushed and directed to lie face down on the table, but I know for a fact it was after 8:15 by the time she actually started.

It was not “relaxing”- it ended so abruptly i was actually a little taken off guard.There was no one else scheduled after us for a massage. Not to mention, I understand that the massage started late, but someone should have at least informed me that I would not be getting the full 1 hour, so I would have been prepared for an “express” massage.

While I waited in the reception area for my friend to finish (whose massage started before mine, but ended after mine did), the receptionist told me that I had a lot of tension in my upper back and that I should buy package at Qi Mantra. Of course I have a lot of tension – just being there made me “tense”. 

Would SuperMommy Recommend Qi Mantra?

NO!! Overall the massage was not memorable. Within 30 minutes after the massage both my friend and I forgot we even had one. The massage was definitely not worth it. Part of getting a massage is the experience. My prenatal and confinement massages at home were much better! I don’t think Qi Mantra knows the meaning of “relaxation”. This is definitely not a place where I would want to go as a stress reliever.

Next time I need to de-stress, I think I will go out for ice cream instead!