Are your kids terrorizing you? Are you pulling out your hair?  Are you just plain fed up? Well then it’s time to plan a Mom’s Night Out!!

Now that you know what you need to do, SuperMommy is here to help you plan it!

A Mom’s Night Out (“MNO”) is different than your typically “Girls Night”. A MNO is when moms can finally get some time off and go out for a fun night with other moms in the same situation (i.e. ready to throw their kids or themselves out the window).

Super Simple Tips for Planning a Fun Night:

1)  Before you get started, think about what type of MNO you want. Do you want it to be a large or small group? What type of mood are you in – quiet, bustling, trendy, casual, clubby?

(2)  Figure out who you want to invite. If you only have a few friends this will be easy, but if you are popular then this is slightly harder. Your “mood” from step one will determine who you want to invite. Since this is a MNO, it is always fun to get a group together from the same circle (like your child’s school, the soccer moms, play-group moms, etc.). Or you can invite a bunch of your friends that have the same age kids.

(3)  Now that you know who to invite. You need to decide on a venue. Usually a MNO is on a weekday (because weekends are “family” time), so make sure you pick a restaurant that is not too empty. The ambience of the restaurant really sets the mood of the night. If you are not sure of what restaurant to go to, (since the last time you went out was in the Dark Ages), ask around or Google some different food blogs. Be adventurous and try out a new place. Maybe pick a place that is close to a dessert bar or a happening night spot so that you can have options after dinner.

(4) Next email or text the other moms. I like to text moms with at least 2 restaurants to choose from (or an area “let me know if you want to go to Dempsey Road or Clarke Quay?). For a successful MNO make sure you plan at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Mom’s need time to find a babysitter, organize their schedules, convince dad to stay at home and most importantly try to look less like a frumpy mommy (get their nails done, pluck eyebrows, shave legs – you know what I mean).

(5) Once the restaurant has been decided, make sure you call and get a reservation. I once planned a MNO and emailed all the moms the location only to find out the place was closed for a private party!

(6) Ask for RSVP’s. Two days before the event make sure to send out a reminder email/text – especially if it is a large group. Also, just a warning, don’t be disappointed if you get cancellations at the last minute due to sick children (trust me this happens all the time).

Now that the MNO is all planned, just one more thing to do…have fun!!

Extra “Super” Note: If you just want to drink yourself into a stupor (don’t act shocked…we all have those days), then maybe you will want to plan a “Girl’s Night Out” with some of your single or childless friends. Based on my experience, most moms rarely drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks. Usually because most of us wake up multiple times at night and/or wake up in the morning before the crack of dawn!!  Additionally, being pregnant and breastfeeding has turned most of us into lightweights.