My Brest Friend is really a breastfeeding mommy’s best friend.  My Brest Friend is a lightweight, foam breastfeeding pillow.  It basically snaps on with an adjustable, velcro strap, and stays securely in place under your breast.  The Brest Friend, unlike other pillows has a side pocket which is great for storing things that you might need while feeding.  Additionally, it helps you position your baby for obtaining the perfect latch and helps you maintain good posture while feeding.

Best of all, your baby just rests there on this mini-table, so you have both hands free to do other things.  As most breastfeeding moms will tell you, breastfeeding requires you to sit in one place for countless hours each day!  Having both hands free allows you to at least get some work done.  I used to love Googling random topics and chatting with my friends on my iPhone while breastfeeding.

Once you get the hang of breastfeeding, you can even walk around with My Brest Friend while you are feeding.  I used to stand up, while my baby was latched on and rock him from side to side in an effort to get him to sleep.  I made the mistake of getting the Boppy pillow with a personalized Pottery Barn cover for my first child – don’t make the same mistake. It looked really nice, but as for functionality, the Boppy is no match for My Brest Friend.

My mommy friend used to bring her Brest Friend with her everywhere and we used to tease her about it. But once I started using the pillow I became a believer too – it really did become my new best friend.

My Brest Friend is sold in various baby stores in Singapore, including Mothercare and Mother’s Work for approximately $80 (depending on the promotion).

Extra “Super” Tip:  Make sure you buy an extra cover for your Brest Friend, newborn babies spit up all the time.  I recommend buying a “deluxe” cover – they are super soft and comfy.