Do you feel like you are always on the go – taking the kids (and all of their million things) from one activity to the other and then in your free time, running errands all around town? Do you run out of spare arms, carrying the stroller, diaper bag and crying baby all at the same time? Do you sometimes wish you didn’t have to stand in the rain with whining kids waiting for a bus / taxi, or walk block after block in the sweltering Singapore sun to get to the MRT?

If you said yes to any of the above, then I might have a solution to make life a bit easier for you – Smove!

I rented a Smove car and it was super convenient and easy to do. Let me fill you in on the details…

What the heck is Smove?

Smove is a popular car sharing company in Singapore that allows you to rent a car hourly, daily and even long term. It is FREE to sign up, requires no deposits and no contracts. Also, you can pick up the car at point A and then return it to point B (a totally different location) without any extra charge. Best of all it is really, really reasonably priced!

I’m too busy to figure it out – how does Smove work?

For starters, you do not need to go anywhere, meet with anyone or speak with anyone. You can sign-up for Smove from the comfort of your own home or while you are on the go. All you need is your NRIC card, driver’s license and EZ Link Card to sign-up – NO Deposit and NO CONTRACT required. Once you are approved, you are ready to get Smove’ing.

Once you are all signed up, you can book the car online. You will need to decide how long you want to rent the car for, the type of car, the time, date and place where you want to pick-up your car. Everything relating to your Smove booking – including the car drop-off and return is done via the Smove online dashboard and via automated text messaging / email.

Where do I pick-up my Smove car from – I hate going to random places!

As I mentioned before, you don’t need to meet with anyone to pick-up your Smove car, nor go to any off the beaten path location! During your booking you select the location where you will pick-up your car from. There are over 100+ locations island-wide where you can find your car.

15 minutes prior to your booking time, you will receive the license plate number of your car. Then you need to find your car, upload some pictures of the car and then you are set.

Everything is keyless. To unlock your car, all you need to do is tap your EZlink card on the Smove panel, then press the “start engine” button and viola you are ready to go!

The best part is that you don’t need to return the car to the same place! You can return it to any of the other Smove locations and NOT be charged extra. Total flexibility – pretty awesome if you ask me.

Smove sounds great, but do I really need a car in Singapore?

Singapore has a great public transport system and lots of available taxis, so why do you need a car?

Much like you, I am also a super busy mom (and yes, lots of busy dads out there as well) – always racing between the kids enrichment classes, school events, play-dates, outdoor activities, appointments, work meetings, the grocery store and so much more on a daily basis.

In addition to carrying my giant handbag, I also usually have my laptop, umbrella and a cloth bag with the kids snacks and whatever else we need for the day (including a change of clothes). Sometimes I also carry a pair of extra flat shoes, especially if we plan to walk a lot. If we are going to the garden or swimming or the beach, then we have tons more stuff. Don’t even get me started talking about the rainy days – balancing an umbrella and all those things, while holding my child’s hand is no easy task. If guests are visiting, then there are even more people and more things to get from point A to point B. I am getting stressed just thinking about it. LOL.

That’s a lot of things for one person, or even two (if hubby comes along) to carry around all day! Yes, it is very convenient to have a car to go from place to place – especially if you have a young kids or a baby. 

Do you really need a car in Singapore? Maybe not…but trust me it is great to have access to a car when you need it!

I want to start Smove’ing – how much does it cost?

You can rent a Smove car for a few hours, from $2 per 15 minutes (up to 2 hours) or a Smove long term rental from $440 for the entire week. The prices vary by the vehicle category you rent, Saver, Saver Plus & Value – you can choose the car the works best for your family needs. Basic car insurance is included and so is petrol (check their website out for the exact details).

Smove Special Promotion & Discount Codes

Are you looking for a Smove promotion discount code to get you started, well look no further. You can use the special promo code “SUPERMOMMY” to get a bonus $10 credit on top of the usual $10 off your first ride (total $20 off – valid till 31 May 2019).

You can also search the Internet for a special coupon code – Smove is always having awesome deals for first time renters and a referral program for friends. 

“Smove for Parents” Facebook Community

Now that you have your new Smove wheels, in addition to getting your daily tasks done, all of Singapore is open for you to explore!

For fun family tips on where to go, what to do and things to see in Singapore, make sure you join the Smove for Parents Facebook Community. Many new adventures await you, I’m excited, are you?

SuperMommy’s Overall Experience With Smove

I love the concept & ease of ride sharing with Smove. I have rented cars in the past and it was an excruciating process. With normal car rental companies, in addition to booking the car online, you need to go to the rental company office, stand in line, fill out paperwork, pay for additional insurance, then walk to the big parking lot and get your car. Once you are finished, you need to return your car back to the same rental location, or else pay a fee. This not only takes a lot of time, but seriously is super annoying. Smove is definitely different and a refreshing change from the norm!

If you are in need of some wheels, either short-term or long-term, you should check out Smove and see if it works for you.

Happy Driving & Exploring New Places!