Primo Lymphatic Facial Coding How to Lymphatic Drainage Massage Face Easy Novu Aesthetic Facial Singapore PPP Clinic Promotions ReviewSome people collect shoes, others collect bags, myself on the other hand am a beauty junkie! Now I am not a young beauty or fashion blogger or an expert by any means, nor do I post selfies of myself or talk about my numerous treatments. Maybe it’s my insecurities or vanity that drives me, but either way I when I hear something interesting about beauty, I like to share it with my SuperMommy readers.

I recently learned some easy step-by-step info on performing a “lymphatic massage” facial technique when I attended the Novu Medical Aesthetic ClinicElemental & Enliven” launch party (which btw is a technique they use in the Novu Clinics when applying products).

The theory behind the technique is simple. The skin continuously produces new cells and in the process of doing so, any interruptions in the cell production can cause roughness, dryness, dark spots and wrinkling, which results in skin imperfections.

When certain meridian points on the face are stimulated with the appropriate pressure, metabolism and blood circulation improves, which are the two primary requirements for effective cell reproduction. By using the Primo Lymphatic Massage Technique (as shown in the infographic below) when applying moisturizers/serums, the interruptions can be reduced since the technique causes greater blood circulation and overturning of cells.

Primo Lymphatic Massage How to Lymphatic Drainage Massage Face Easy Novu Aesthetic Facial Singapore PPP Clinic Promotions ReviewEffective massaging will create balance by providing positive energy through identified channels on the face and therefore effectively deliver the active ingredients of the products applied.

Quick, easy and effective, what more can you ask for! Now none of us are getting any younger (well maybe some of us – lol), but hope this helps some of you get closer to achieving your beauty goals. 🙂

Good Luck & Happy Massaging!


A special thanks to the Novu Medical Aesthetic Clinic for allowing me to share this infograph and their Primo Lymphatic Massage Technique with the SuperMommy readers.